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6/2/2011 c6 2BleedinLuva1123
~YAY!~ You finished the sixth chapter :D It was awesome! Your writing skill definitely did not get rusty, and the chapter was amazing, as always. Post the next chapter soon please!
6/2/2011 c6 3Miyree
Yay! An update! I was worried you'd gone and killed yourself over exams or something. ;) *huggles*

The chapter was lovely - and I really liked the twist with Yoriena's mother being a shinigami too. She was really, really scary. I can imagine Yoriena being too scared to stay, but simultaneously too scared to leave. :( It would be horrible.

Your descriptions are, as always, my favourite part of your writing, because they're so detailed and poetic~ I guess in terms of improvements you could try to put more action into your future chapters, but to be honest I really didn't see the need for it.

I did notice a little error, though, in the fourth paragraph. You wrote: 'And she was no difference, was she?', but I'm pretty sure it should be 'And she was no different, was she?'. But that's the only error that jumped out at me when I was reading the chapter, and it truly was a lovely read! ^^
12/22/2010 c5 Rakurai796

Your stories were amazing. I got hooked on Returning Home on quizilla instantly and grew on to love Autumn Fire as well. Your use of description is extremely good, creating clear visual images in the reader's minds. Keep on writing please! Autumn fire is really getting interesting.

Have an amazing Christmas! :D
10/23/2010 c5 1dragonrain618
i love your shinji story. It is really good :)
9/27/2010 c5 Changing Variables
Sorry I didn't review this chap immediately. I've been busy with school and other stuff these days.^^

As usual, an awesome chap. It's long and written very well. I really love Soifon's protective manner with Yoriena.

Thanks 4 the dedication! Still can't believe you'd dedicate this chapter for me.*blush*
9/25/2010 c5 hybridinsurge
Hooray for a new chapter! Even if it is depressing... Good luck finding time to finish your story up.
9/25/2010 c5 2BleedinLuva1123
This chapter was AWESOME! In case you're not sure who I am, I'm luvangels2 on quizilla and I sent you the email. Thank you sooooo much for writing the next chapter! I hope your 6th chapter comes out soon :)

6/17/2010 c4 41ReiraKurenai
Wow...just...wow. I can't say anything else. This is just soooo amazing! Keep up the good work!
6/15/2010 c4 Changing Variables
Really like it so far. So is Yoriena gonna become a vizard? I mean she was attacked by Shinji in his hollow form.

6/14/2010 c4 hybridinsurge
Well, first off- I hope you're feeling well soon!

I was happy to read your new chapter!

I think the part I most enjoyed were your descriptions of the reactions of the other Vizard to the situation. Especially, Kensei and Mashir.o
6/14/2010 c4 3Miyree
Did not expect that dedication. Tnank you! *Hugs* A brilliant way to start the day, I think. ;)

On to the chapter! I think Yamamoto is a bad guy. I seriously hate him. It's like he knows what's going on, but he's hurting Yoriena on purpose... He's not acting as a soutaicho ought to. :(

I'm pretty worried about what the vizards are going to do with Yoriena - it doesn't sound like she'll be exactly welcomed with open arms. I really liked how, even as she was pretty much dying, she still managed to get annoyed - that takes talent! ;)

Once again, I think your description is your strongest point - it makes the scene more realistic. Also, this chapter contained one of the few written fight scenes that I've ever followed! Congratulations!

Thank you for the lovely chapter!
6/7/2010 c3 2RogueSama
This is certainly one of the better Shinji stories I've read. I hope you update soon
6/2/2010 c3 24MaskedAngel18
This is turning out to be a pretty awesome story. Will you please update as soon as possible.:)
6/2/2010 c3 hybridinsurge
Yay! New chapter!

And the start of a fight scene. Nice work!

You've given some really in depth description of Yoreina's pain and confusion.
3/9/2010 c3 Changing Variables
*gasp* oh no..poor Shinji and Yoriena. Where is Soifon and Yoruichi anyway? Oh well, have to wait to find out. Update soon!^^
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