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for Harry Potter: The Potion Master

9/20/2018 c5 hunzbookwyrm
Great story hope to see more soon.
1/17/2018 c5 katepanis1389
This is good so far, I hope you continue it
11/21/2016 c5 WhiteEagle1985
Interesting story here so far!
11/5/2016 c5 Mr Biggs
This has to be just about the worst attempt at a fanfic written in English, truly poor English at that. minus ten out of ten.
3/15/2015 c5 4Bentears
interesting story do you intend to get back to it or add to it?
11/9/2014 c5 4firebolthallow1572
When are you going to update this story or put up for Adoption.
9/24/2014 c5 skyesmommy
Any chance of an update? I love this
9/6/2014 c1 Saints row fanitic
This is a great story. I like how you have Neville's parents raising him. Please keep up the great job.
3/10/2014 c1 tricorvus
your Beta reader dropped the ball in a big way, and quite frankly is doing you no favors.
Tell dazed that there is this darling thing called punctuation. Commas separate parts of a sentence where we pause. He seems to have not been introduced to them.
Please clean this up, so I can come back and maybe enjoy it later.
1/27/2014 c3 Jillian
A story without proper editing abd grammar is like a novice driving a manual. The ride is jerky and uncomfortable. I think you have a great idea, but this needs to be worked on before you post it. I won't read beyond this chapter. You do have a great idea, its just a really poorly written one. Sorry.
3/3/2012 c5 1Insomniac-Gaara4488
I hope that there is another chapter coming at some point!
2/7/2012 c5 3MzBellezza
i like this its how the regular book should have gonw minus harry as a PM

cant wait for more!11
7/30/2011 c5 legalbugger
is this on hiatus? love the concept and would like to see where this goes..
4/22/2011 c2 12CombatWars
The chapter got confusing since the tenses didn't flow with each other. The thoughts should be italicized and the parseltongue should be bold italicized. The plot is interestingly enough a new one for me but if you don't edit you're chapters and fix them, you might lose a few readers. I'll put this into my story alert and see if I can help edit this tomorrow or the day after.

4/22/2011 c1 CombatWars
This story's summary seemed to he okay so I'll continue. The only problem I have with this story is that it sounds too much like a dialogue. It doesn't sound like a normal conversation. There might be some people who say their sentences like " I will try to complete this task when I have the time to do so." but it sounds way too fake. Most people would just say "I'll do this later." and be done with it. Basically, make the conversations more fine tuned to the appropriated age. XD

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