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for Christmas Pretty

4/17 c6 3Leanansidhe1228
I'm getting a kick out of this story. Looking forward to it's continuation/conclusion!
10/11/2020 c1 10BowieQueen
Onto the sequel. Yipee. *thrusts fork into air in victory*
1/25/2020 c2 Guest
Bwahahaha. The rabid ferrets of death are spectacular
9/1/2019 c6 BowieQueen
This is amazing! You are honestly so gifted. I've never laughed so hard reading fanfiction. I love the swamping weed. Hahaha.
7/28/2019 c5 Lissa
And another one gets the bog (clap clap)
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one gets the bog (clap clap)
Hey, King’s gonna get you, too
Another one gets the bog (clap clap)
2/2/2019 c6 Guest 2019
Darn! I was so looking forward to Sarah being serenaded to the tune of
"Pants, Christmas pants.."
7/5/2018 c6 JC
AAAUGHHH! Unfinished?! NOOOO!
7/5/2018 c3 JC
But just think for a minute, a carnivorous Christmas Tree might eat Rosalinda! I really can't decide if that's a good thing or not.
7/5/2018 c2 JC
Oh no, not the rabid ferrets!
5/10/2018 c1 6Lady Kyridwen
This is absolutely hilarious, and I'm pretty sure Squeak is my spirit goblin. I do hope you finish it one day.
3/16/2018 c6 10RoyalBlue13
HILARIOUS... but... Where's the end?
1/19/2018 c6 1Chloeebeee
Skeep: GROINY! I died just a little there this is hilarous. I hope you finish this! I need to see sarahs reaction to this goblin christmas!
6/25/2017 c6 Kikita
I hope someday you finish this story, it was quite good.
6/17/2017 c6 3Ebony-Dove
Well if is good to see that the goblin kingdom is keeping the detergent companies in business
5/19/2017 c6 2BaconBaker
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No, no NO! You are not allowed to leave this unfinished for another minute! Oh God now I know how your loyal readers felt while reading MFFF. It must have been sheer torture. I know that Christmas is long over, and that this particular Christmas was over six years ago, but pleeeeeaaaaaase don't leave us like this!
And where is the "Something Glittered This Way Comes" that was promised at the end of MFFF? We ask for so little. Just give us more butter-soft leather and adult-type touching and even another assassination attempt or two, and we will be your slaves. I can't speak for the other readers, but I would willingly swim both the Gob AND the Pmaws for an ending, and to get the prequel I'd (try) to kiss Rosalinda and her gator-mount.
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