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for A Minister of Grace

1/25/2013 c1 1Randalish
Another fascinating piece about one of the show's most fascinating characters at one of his most fascinating points in time.

I like the Shakespeare allusions and the "ministers of grace" thing though I never read TWOP so perhaps I should credit them with inventing it. The piece itself (I won't use the word "story," doesn't seem to fit.) is moody and depressing and fitting in all the right way. I personally think Wesley's motivations at this time had a bit more anger to them, a resentment of his former friends for rejecting him and a determination to be successful on his own, as well as this bleakness, but either interpretation works. Or perhaps mine comes after this.

The last line is a broken bottle to the face. Wesley's tragedy is that it probably was true for most of his life, excepting a few brief interludes like the better years with Angel. But no matter how sad, it remains beautiful.

(Why, yes. I -am- suffering from something of a mood-whiplash reading this right after the Christmas story, why do you ask?)
6/14/2010 c1 6Forensic Photographer711
I really enjoyed that, a very interesting look into Wesley's mind during that pivotal point between seasons. And also the fact that Hamlet was incorporated into this made me very happy. It's a very haunting portrait of his life, some of my favorite bits were: when Lilah is mentioned and how sometimes she'll do something, but most of the time she doesn't, how his voice has changed to fit his new persona, and the end line, which just wrapped up this little character study perfectly. Good job.
12/16/2009 c1 53LucidKren
This was rather interesting. I enjoyed reading it.

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