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for Before Bloodbath

1/26/2014 c1 purpledolphin1
Why did you 's amazing like I add Mcabby
8/5/2011 c1 10Willow Pierce
Awwww i liked it
3/24/2011 c1 32Don't Try To Change My Melody
Love NCIS and Abby, great story so far! Also, I couldn't find a message thing on your profile and wanted to know if you would be interested in joining a Primeval RP, we're looking for someone to take over playing Lester or Jenny if you're interested?
7/28/2010 c1 15KmJ13
so far so good. please write more
5/22/2010 c1 Veryfairygirl14
CONTINUE! there's only one chapter and already I wanna know what happens next.
3/4/2010 c1 Jaina2000
good start,looking forward to seeing where this goes.
12/26/2009 c1 14PhoeenBanafritOLDACCOUNT
update update update


love it

12/20/2009 c1 3lady wayfarer
I'm curious. Please COntinue!
12/17/2009 c1 STLFAN
Anxious to see where you take this.
12/16/2009 c1 80peppe1951
Good start...hope more will come soon...can't wait for Gibbs to pick up that something is wrong

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