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6/10/2017 c7 3
6/10/2017 c4 3
6/10/2017 c3 3
Very good story!
is that the beginnings of a ship I see in chappy 3
(ooh! that rhymed!)
9/1/2012 c11 woohooman14
it did take a long time but the chapter was quite good. i honestly forgot about enki until he came up in this chapter. i like how you gave him a name, instead of just "shadow zorn". great chapter and i hope another one comes along soon :)
7/30/2012 c10 woohooman14
i read this and TSL, and u wish you could wrute more :( i miss them alot!
3/28/2011 c8 Cytla Seuhans
D'aww cuteness! :3
3/27/2011 c8 Kate
Awww! I really liked this chapter! They finally got to spend some time together!

(=´∀`)人(´∀`=) I wonder if they will ever get-together...? Well, I'm excited to read the next chapter! Please try and update soon! (´-`).。oO(please, please, please...)

~Kate (^_^)☆ ☆彡(^o^)
3/24/2011 c8 1ganesh295
YAY! Unadulterated fluff on fluff stick stuck through a fluffy fluff sandwich! In short: D'AWWWWWWW! ;-)

Ganondorf, you friggin suck for killing Ruto, and for that, your entrails will be feeding Telma's cat, Louise.
2/18/2011 c7 Kate
Awww. :3 zorn and ruto! :3 yay he gets to see her again! :) there was a HUGE time gap there... Ya didn't even show what type of training dundera gave zorn :( awe man... I think that this is a great story so far! ^_^ *-* I have stars in my eyes to try and be as good a writer as you! I'm currently working on my own legend of Zelda story about a wolf... :) not going so well... x6 oh well, I'll keep at it. :)

Thanks for sharing this story with everyone! :) thanks and keep up the good work! ;)

~Kate ~_~
2/13/2011 c7 4TwiliFay
Damn you can write! You are fabouis and I love Zorn he is so cool. You write a good OC. Oh and thanks for the update.

love fay
2/4/2011 c7 1ganesh295
This is so damn awesome and cute at the same time, why doesn't this story have more reviews? Honestly, people these days... NO RESPECT!
11/26/2010 c6 4TwiliFay
Yes pain to the Hyrbred hunter! KILL THEM KILL THEM ALL! Sooooo cool. poor girl to be attacked like that. go Zorn!
11/7/2010 c6 1ganesh295
Hurrah for happy partings, awesome gifts, epic revenge, and free training on complete idiots. XD
10/6/2010 c1 ganesh295
I forgot to mention this in my last review, but don't you dare break up Ruto and Zorn in an unhappy manner! The "pairing" is too well done to shatter now!
10/4/2010 c5 Rain Fox
Man, if you feel what you write, then you are one of the greatest authors there are. If you haven't written a super-mega literary hit, then it's just a matter of time before you do, because there is no better writing than one written right from... this is gonna sound stupid, but from the heart. Nothing can beat that kind of inspiration.

Yeah yeah, I know that sounds stupid, maybe I got a little too philosophical there, but, how can I help it? It's the way I think, bear with it.

Anyway, as for the chapter... it was pretty good. You did a superb work impressing the feelings into the words, very good job. Damn, it even stressed me how he couldn't stay. It's kinda sad... what am I saying? It's sad. Keep up the good work.
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