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11/22/2010 c11 2AlexLeFee
You guys made me cry...
11/22/2010 c11 2Hikarilightz
Ohho~ Luddy was just getting it on! But...HE HURT FELI. D: Well i never! But what another amazing chapter. :D loved it. and Kiku...what are we going to do without you, You closet perv. ;)
11/22/2010 c11 3Prosecutie

It was SO cute and great until they had sex, my heart was crying out to poor Feli! ;A; Ludwig, you bastard! The one thing I don't like about GerIta in general is the bondage, it always scares me. ;~; Like the ropes, and t-the gag... Feliiiii! ;A;

Can't wait for the next chapter though~ ;w;/
11/22/2010 c11 48Tamer Lorika
I'm surprised that I haven't started to bleed all over my computer; I'm THAT red right now. Oh gosh. you just... hit EVERY one of my secret kinks what the hell. Oh my word. Feli in that dress... and the dub con... and Ludwig feeling like an ass ... and the dub con... and... *passes out* I love you guys so hard.
11/22/2010 c11 12ThisIsCrappyWork
oh wow Ludwig...
11/22/2010 c11 Onyx Lacrymosa
It surely was worth to wait.I liked it a lot or rather actually loved it and really can't wait for the next chapter
11/22/2010 c11 chandeluresinitaly

Th-that's all I can say really.
11/22/2010 c11 MagicalRicePudding
;A; It was really cute at the beginning! I love a crossdressing Feli~ but then they had sex. You usually write Ludwig gentle and caring, but suddenly he became feral!Ludwig. I felt so sad for Feli. I mean, he was raped by the man he loves. And then at the end all he said was "I love you, too." ;A; It was kind of hard to read. ;A;

But! It was well written! You kept them both in character and conveyed their feelings and emotions really well. (And I love how you make up for the darker chapters with fluff :D)

Is the next chapter gonna pick up right after this one or a few days into the future? (Because I would love to see their reactions.)
11/22/2010 c11 11Yaoishoujo
It was really cute till they had sex. Man... that was really hard to read. I almost quit partway through. I started to tear up, feeling sorry for poor Feli. That was not cool of Ludwig. I mean, I know he's a nice guy, but sheesh.

I'm not saying it was poorly written. It was beautifully written like your other chapters. It's just the subject of rape is never something I like to read about. My heart was crying out to poor Italy.

Still, I'm sure he looked adorable in that dress. :3
11/18/2010 c7 Tuxedo Lady
11/17/2010 c2 Tuxedo Lady
I can't help but think of "fellatio" when anyone says Feliciano XD
11/4/2010 c10 2emily-fopdp
Uhm... I really enjoyed every chapter of it! Hope you can keep with the story... I've never thought how much does Ludwig and Feliciano love each other... Really, awesome story!
11/1/2010 c2 16TropicanaLemonadeOnASunnyDay
Olive oil...*grin* I like this! Though you said it was an RP and I'm not sure I have to guts to do that myself. -/- *keeps reading*
10/24/2010 c10 SunaLove
I love this story! Feliciano and Ludwid are as IC as possible (considering how hard it is to describe the smut between the two), I can't wait to read more!

And I especially love the parts in their original languages (I know them both), sounds great! *_*
9/28/2010 c7 PWNEDxKITTEH
*jizz in my pants* lol you guys are awesome! i wish i knew you in real life! i would hug you! :D
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