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7/11/2010 c9 8Meluzina
Hot and sexy! I like it so much:-P
7/10/2010 c9 MagicalRicePudding
FFFF these chapters get better and better! And the new dividers do make it easier to read. :)

I can't waif for the next chapter ( kitchen ) 8D so please keep writing!

And i've just realized they've had normal sex everywhere but a bed. xD
7/10/2010 c9 chandeluresinitaly

W-well more like morning. It's 12:10 pffff.

But anyway, that was hot. and very sentimental it it's own sweet way. cB

7/10/2010 c9 3Prosecutie
Eheheh... *hides nosebleed* Sweet chapter~! It was a really pleasant surprise, to say the least. :D The next chapter is in the kitchen, you say? 8D I can't wait! I guess that means they got a new table? XD (Chapter 3 remains my favorite chapter of this story in my heart. 8D For now, anyway!) Keep on writing~!
7/10/2010 c9 Onyx Lacrymosa
It enjoyed it as much as always I'm sure it's worth to wait for the next one.
7/10/2010 c9 Fox-Sin
awesome llove it
6/29/2010 c1 28keisan
Oh this is HOT! Nom nom! I'mma read it all now. :)
6/21/2010 c4 2AlexLeFee
i look forward to more chapters!
6/17/2010 c1 The Only Caution
*pulls up google translator* i love it! please keep it up!
6/14/2010 c2 3VioletIsInPain
AHHHH! Hetalia smutt! i love it i love it iLLLOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEE IITTTTTTTTTT! in my faves you go!
6/8/2010 c8 17Hitomi-chanchan
(nods approvingly) a bath would be nice for them
6/8/2010 c6 Hitomi-chanchan
aaaand...THE SEME RE-DOMINATES! well played
6/8/2010 c5 Hitomi-chanchan
GO ITALY! YAH BABY! i luv it when the uke takes control every nowand then, awsom job! and i bet a drunk germany is adorable!
6/7/2010 c2 Hitomi-chanchan
that was so aaaammaaaazing, i died everytime germany called him 'my dear' aaaargh! i can so picture him saying that...you guys rock...you dnt have to answer, but do you role play all of it , because...thats...um you dont have answer...heh heh
6/5/2010 c8 7black-hurt17
i want italia in a dress :p pffft germany not in too bdsm? :p who's he trying to kid , he totally wouldnt mind if he as doing it to italia :p veee im kina glad ita was seme when h ewas drunk, i dont see germany just being uke like that unless alcohol diminished ludwig handsome man msucle s:p
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