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4/16/2020 c1 86just drifting
My gosh this was beautiful. You made my heart hurt for Emily and Richard-you gave such detail, depth and humanity to a part of their lives that the show for the most part glossed over. And I loved that you found this link to connect Luke and Richard, giving them something through which to start understanding each other more and developing a better relationship, which I hope they did. Thank you.
12/28/2019 c1 14Dimac99
I really enjoyed this, you did a great job humanising the senior Gilmores. Poor Lorelai, Rory probably doesn't even realise how badly her mum is taking the phone tag because of the texting/emailing.
6/22/2012 c1 itzcheeseball
beautiful story!
7/3/2011 c1 sfbxfcb
3/9/2011 c1 23Rori Potter
That was funny and sad at the same time.
4/27/2010 c1 26mrscribble
This is perfect - I love the parallel you drew between Luke and Richard, and very much between Emily and Lorelai. Gorgeous pieces, I love the line "To drowning men everywhere, and the sirens that call to them" - beautiful.
2/26/2010 c1 6EnchantedxRomance
Aw. That story was so cute!
1/9/2010 c1 2LadyBluePhoenix
This is nice too.
12/23/2009 c1 3girlface
This was such an amazing story it makes me want for more. More flashbacks of a grieving Emily and Richard, more Luke and Lorelai trying to find their way together, more of Lorelai and her broken relationship with her daughter, and more of what is to come!

My fav part was how Luke describes the relationship as a puzzle, one he is not sure Lorelai likes, one that may not be how she envisioned it. What a beautiful way to word it, and what a beautiful way for him to explain it to her if he choose. Always goes back to how they need to communicate though, but I think you showed with your ending that they are working on that, and trying to stop tackling their problems separately.

Great job!
12/22/2009 c1 1sarahb2007
loved it please update soon
12/20/2009 c1 3AtticusLovesMe
I really liked the concept. It's weird to compare the two situations, but you did it really well!

Another great story.
12/18/2009 c1 31VoyICJ
Wow! I am afraid that no matter how much I'll try, my review will never do this story justice. First of all: Gjoni was right, there is no way I could NOT love this story!

The idea is, as I said before, brilliant! A way to get Richard and Luke bonding that isn't totally out of the blue! The Richard/Emily flashback scenes were so great and so true to character that I don't know what to say... I've always wondered about this month Emily spent in bed and your description of how it came to that was perfect. Very true to Emily!

The scenes between Luke and Lorelai were great as well. I could practically feel Lorelai's inner conflict. Luke is an angel, he truely is!

The last two scenes between L/L and E/R were a perfect ending to a perfect story. I loved that Lorelai finally opened up to Luke and that they were able to talk.

I also like that you made Emily realize something was wrong with Lorelai as well and didn't just let her stay oblivious to the whole thing.

All in all: Perfect, perfect, perfect! You made me very happy ;) And I like being a sucker, when this is the result ;)
12/18/2009 c1 11coffeebeanner
Great Job. Very well written! Bravo :)
12/18/2009 c1 12Katelai
Hee! Love it! Great job you two, fantastic story! I was really excited to see that it was post-series and went into how Lorelai and Luke dealt with Rory's departure. Internally Luke and Richard do seem to be pretty similar, I really liked seeing them interact.

Thanks 3
12/18/2009 c1 3Copop
Oh, a Luke/Richard story! I was totally intrigued from the moment I read this.


July 6th, 2007. This has me confused as to why would Luke sit on the dinner table with Lorelai and her parents… Crap, wait… this is clear now. They’re together again. I was confused because your summary says something about Luke fearing to lose Lorelai, so I was in the year 2006. Never mind :)

So, now you have me wondering why Luke fears to lose Lorelai, again, in the first place.

Lol, you have a thing for the flashbacks now, don’t you. Just saying, it’s nothing bad :)

Oh, I loved the memory of Richard. Seeing Emily so hurt and act like that astounded even me.

Aw man, Luke is such a great man. He takes all the blame although he couldn’t know Rory would call while they were out on a date, living their relationship. I also love how he coaxes Lorelai out to tell him things. Sort of.

I love Richard’s memories. I just feel so sorry for him at that moment. But on the other hand, I can understand Emily very well. She just shouldn’t be so unreasonable, like Richard said. It’s not his fault the detective can’t find them.

Oy, poor Emily. Having hope of a lead of her two girls and then it’s not them on the pictures. That must have been so hard.

And Lorelai really behaves weird. I just hope Luke gets her to talk for real.

Ok… I get why Lorelai is behaving like that now. And I get mad at Rory.

Loved Richard’s speech and advice! Although I hope Luke doesn’t need their help and can figure something out on his own or Rory calls or even better, pays a visit.

YES! Lorelai talked! I’m so relieved, you have no idea. And Luke managed to console her, to get her to think positive and to look forward. *phew!*

I liked this story very much!

Thanks for all who worked on that, there were so many names thrown at me in the AN ;) That way I don’t forget one of them.

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