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for The Butterfly Effect

4/8/2010 c5 9mochiusagi
Aw that was really cute.
4/5/2010 c5 18InfinityChaos
Aw, I want moree!
3/22/2010 c1 17Becoming-Obsessed
ok~ i love the story and all.. but seriously? i normally DONT flame and im not really flaming just.. advising.. um.. you might want to reedit the first chapter; because I mean seriously! If riku and sora can barely take care of themselves how on earth are they going to take care of a child? and I HIGHLY doubt that riku will just up and agree to going to adopt a child; especially the next day! And then ontop of it, they are both what? 18? And the legal papers that need to be filled out! They dont just walk into an orphanage with out filling out the proper documents. And you cant just pick up a girl/child and leave. The documents need to be signed; in a different room. away from the children. you cant just pick up a child, talk to the lady, and leave. they interview you. ask if you have the money; financial records, if you are set to take care of this child, if you have everything that you need when you bring he or she home. And they apparently do not. And you cant expect the child to not make some fuss at night, let alone agree to be taken away that easily. no matter how tired.

This story is nice but to easily written with no hard facts or just... facts ingeneral.

Riku wouldnt agree that easily.

They dont have the money.

Working double shifts wont cut it.

Children arent that easy to adopt.

And they probably need to sleep with the new adoptive parents their first night for comfort and security.

Please, work on that. The story is good.. it just lacks a good structure.

Well.. yeah.. sorry

2/20/2010 c4 9mochiusagi
aw that was cute. I hope aki won't miss her parent's too terribly. Please update soon!
2/3/2010 c3 18InfinityChaos
Adorableness! :D
1/18/2010 c2 InfinityChaos
Awh:D that was adorable!

I demand moar! :D
1/18/2010 c2 10MadWorldZ
Kawaii,Kawaii,Kawaii! PLZ, Update soon! ~need-to-see-more :Twitch: THNK U! ~X3
1/18/2010 c2 9mochiusagi
aw that was cute!
1/3/2010 c1 8FlowerInTheShadows13
Riora (Ree-ora)

a combo of riku and sora, I think it sounds like a pretty girl's name, on sims 2 anytime my riku and ora sims have a baby girl i always name it that.
12/23/2009 c1 5EvolutionalEclipse
What about "Athena" or "Keira" or "Katrina" or "JiaLi" or "Mai" or "Yuki" or "Aoi" or "Ai"

I have so many names:)

I love the story btw
12/22/2009 c1 Kingdom hearts birth by sleep
How about... Amaya? Or Maya?
12/21/2009 c1 39MrMissMrs Random
Aw...what an adorable little girl...I have a name...


it means 'bright light'...

I like it...XD
12/20/2009 c1 18InfinityChaos






How about Kirsi?

or...Azaliea - with that she could be called Az, or leia... something like that?...
12/20/2009 c1 9mochiusagi
aw they have a kid, and the kid is a cutie! hm I've always like the name sakura. Please update soon!

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