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for Bringing Trouble to Barad dur

11/27/2019 c24 bobbygniu
Just found this story and really enjoyed it.
11/4/2019 c24 7Fastred of the North
This was a rollicking good tale; you obviously put a lot of thought and effort into this piece! Thanks for the laughs.
7/15/2019 c1 mystarlight
Awesome beginning
4/11/2019 c24 6Whack-the-beetle
Really amusing idea - I do pity Saurin though, the poot lamb never had a chance winning his war :)
2/2/2019 c22 Anoriel
So I was eating and reading this and I-I SNORTED AND DROPPEN MY Fork. AND STARTED LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY. My mom and dad stared at me as if they were considering whether or not to send me to a mental hospital. This is the funniest fic I've read! So many awesome one liners. The idea of Celebrimbor and Gil-Galad coming back to annoy the heck out of Sauron is... Never mind I can't find a word to describe it. I LOVE THIS! Read it every time I need a good laugh. You're a great writer!
12/9/2017 c1 Guest
Besides Plot Reasons, why can’t they hurt Sauron? I mean, JRRT did the same with Gandalf, but do you have any more reasonable explanation?
5/14/2017 c24 1kelwin
waw that was very funny lol. hope you write more like this lol.
3/1/2017 c17 21cycas
"We're going to need more chalk"

Brilliant, I laughed.
8/31/2016 c24 6codename00guest
Ahahahahahaaaahhhh someone needs to write a story with Gil-galad and Celebrimbor as CIA agents, they work together so well! Either that or MIB agents. Peace!
12/22/2015 c24 4Marfacat
This was hilarious! Good job!
2/25/2015 c24 TeresaLynne
Chuckle, I did enjoy this story very much! I nearly died laughing during that war council of Sauron's... Many thanks for posting this! :)
4/15/2014 c24 Serene Amarbel Asteria
i read all of the chapters of this story in one go. Awesome story. And this is one of the best & funniest endings i have ever seen.
Good job on it.
9/29/2013 c24 sasparilla91
What a good idea! Are there any sequels coming up soon?
6/25/2013 c24 4Archet
That was... *sniff* beautiful. Straight to my favourites.
The Appendix at the end cracked me up, especially Gil Galad and Celebrimbor the CIA :)
6/25/2013 c20 Archet
Hahahahahahaha...priceless :D I love when I actually grin while reading a story.

1. Finrod, how dare you betray your (absolutely awesome) namesake?!
2. Stupid prisoners. Celebrian never died...she just moved to Valinor after she was beat up by Orcs ;)
3. OF COURSE it's Gil-Galad's mailshirt! After the battle, he had brought it home to who-knows-where and then his house was raided by dwarves...and they stole it...and hid it in what would eventually become The Lonely Mountain! There!

I think Tolkien does a better job when it comes to the history :)
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