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2/5/2010 c2 11dreamcatcher96
more chapters wwould be great
1/27/2010 c1 30xoxcrescentmoonxox
I promised to read this a long time ago and completely forgot; I'm so sorry! But I'm SO glad I remembered, because this was wonderful! The flashback of the battle, when Padma was killed, I loved the most: your Bellatrix was horribly crazy; I think her vendetta against twins is reasonable (if that's ever an acceptable adjective for her ;D ), and her dialogue was really well written. And then Harry coming in was a surprise, but a nice one. The scene with him taking Parvati down to the mirror was well done, especially when he almost said she could have been in Ravenclaw with Padma. And the end? Absolutely heartbreaking. Lovely story; I enjoyed it to bits :)

12/31/2009 c2 57electric gurrl
You don't need a disclaimer. Who told you that you did? The story is really great, I like the description and the story is interesting. Um...yeah...I like it and you didn't need a disclaimer and stuff.
12/19/2009 c1 Don
Assisted suicide by Mirror of Erised? One wonders why Dumbledore keeps that thing around in Hogwarts.

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