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12/25/2017 c7 Gubefan1980
That's a lovely story, glad Elizabeth was on board, in fact encouraged it. I like Peter and Neal slash, but I like Elizabeth and I wouldn't want her betrayed. Good job, well done, Peter is so dense sometimes
12/23/2017 c1 102Sketchy-d00d
You have Moz down pat man. I like that.
8/22/2013 c7 Felicity
Just read the whole thing right through...loved it. Write more! You're good.
2/25/2013 c7 3sami1010220
Wow, that was fantastic. I haven't read a lot of neal/peter fics, and I'm pretty sure I prefer the more brotherly relationships. Still, even if I hadn't enjoyed the relationship's development (which I really did), I loved your writing style. It was simple, and yet I still felt that I was right there in the house with them.
2/24/2013 c7 HexesAndOhhhs
Amazing. Please tell me theres a sequel.
1/28/2012 c3 Larry
Ooh, El. And omw, Neal and Peter playing Dragon Age. I really want to see that in more depth now. It's entirely possible for them to not agree on -anything- with that game. XD I can just imagine them at Redcliffe -

"Oh, come on, we're saving them, we should get a reward!"

"We are not running a protection racket on a town that's getting invaded by zombies!"
11/13/2011 c7 168Ai Linna-chan
wow that was all so cute and so fateful to the show! I totally could see this happening ´cause El is so awesome like that. ksks i loved it all!
9/26/2010 c7 Dugleik
It took my two days to read this through, but I love it.
8/2/2010 c6 5Naomi Hansen
Interesting thing I'd like to point out: I watch this anime called Hetalia: Axis Powers. There's a character in it called Elizaveta Héderváry (aka, Hungary). Long story short, she's a slash fan. (Although in anime fics, it's called yaoi.)

lol! Oh man, you have no idea how much Elizabeth reminds me of Elizaveta right now (and not just because their names are simmilar), especially after this quote:

"What should he suspect?" Peter asked as he turned off the highway. "That you and Elizabeth are trying to force me into bed with you?"

ROFL! That sounds like something Elizaveta would do in canon. Wish El would do the same... :3

Auf Wiedersehen!

-Naomi Hansen
7/18/2010 c1 Naomi Hansen
I have a rule: It's that unless any certain implications are made, I would not get into any slash pairings. Especially if it isn't an anime/manga.

...Well, here I go, breaking my rules. Again. (Don't ask.) ^^'

I'm not gonna lie. When I started reading this story, I was giggling, like, every 5 sentences. It happens a lot when I'm reading a story concerning a new pairing, but not at THIS frequency!

And this QUOTE...

"I'm the same guy, Moz. I just switched teams." He paused long enough to glare at his friend. "And I happen to like my new teammates."

...I just LOST IT there! I think I was hitting my head on my desk just to try to calm down.

And the title alone is just too hilarious for me. Gee, hmm, I wonder why you picked THAT title. ROFL!

Okay! Okay! I'll try to calm down now. At least, enough to try to get to the second chapter. XD

Auf Wiedersehen!

-Naomi Hansen
3/9/2010 c7 6of wonderlands and alices
I LOVED IT. This was amazingly written, kudos! :D I love the introspection you brought on all the characters.
3/8/2010 c7 2Blue-Eyed Chica
3/4/2010 c7 15mouse8
I wouldn't have thought I'd have liked this concept, but you wrote it so well, it completely pulled me in and I loved it. I'm glad to see there's a sequel!
1/29/2010 c7 3In love with Fuffy
I loved it!
1/23/2010 c7 28StraddlingTheAtmosphere
Aww. Adorable adorable ending. I'm struck dumb. Soo cute.
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