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for wizzards life

2/26/2013 c2 Guest
It's a really good start. I like it a lot and I think it can become a great story, I hope you will finish the story or if you don't want to do that you could maybe put it up for adoption or somthing like that.
12/10/2012 c2 6thebiscuitfish
It is good, but if its possible, try to make the chapters longer by adding detail. Remember, there are many many many Harry potter/Icarly crossovers, and you have to make your stand out.
6/29/2011 c2 11KayDee-DesignerExtraordinare
Can't wait for the rest. Holla!

12/2/2010 c2 BunnyQueenLivesForever
next chapter please!
11/12/2010 c2 WickedDarkness
i like this r u ever ganna update
8/31/2010 c2 10VelvetRose529
Noootttt Baaadddddd (lol)Yeah idk XD

6/14/2010 c1 deletethislord
omg i absoltuley love it plz plz plz continue soon!
1/20/2010 c1 DarkStorm00
I want to see how the story turns out.
12/28/2009 c1 6The PhantomHokage
Interesting bginning can't wait to see how it will go

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