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for Heaven's Fallen Angels

1/11/2012 c2 56WyldClaw
wow! great reaction of william white when he first saw what horrors the silver blood did at Roanoke
1/11/2012 c1 WyldClaw
poor oliver
3/28/2011 c31 1anne knight
for my previous comment. yes i ment when they were little kids. if you dont want to you dont have to.
3/27/2011 c32 anne knight
love it 3 can i make a request? can you write a story of when jack was at Hotel Lambert and him and sky met. i know it never happened but im kind of interested to know what would happen. can please write it for me?
3/18/2011 c31 springawakening1894
I really liked this one! More detail would have made it more interesting but it was still really good. :D
3/2/2011 c32 Afrenchgirl
Hey I really like your fic, hope to read another chapter soon =D
2/3/2011 c31 5BlossomingStarsAtHeaven
1/28/2011 c31 3maimayicumplz
I really like all of your one-shots, and this one was especially cute. My only suggestion is that you start making up more scenes rather than expanding on previous ones or re-doing them in a different POV. It would be much more original and interesting to be displayed new content.

Keep writing, and even though I think you deserve 300 reviews, they don't really matter, so I, as a reader, would really appreciate you not worrying about them. As an author, I understand your want of feedback, but at this point, its not your writing that's keeping it from you, the only thing you can change at this point is change your title and summary. I'd put in some excerpts of the chapters, like not sentences but plots. Hope that helps
1/24/2011 c31 29Azaria Stromsis
Sometimes you just really want a series of non-connected drabbles and you've fulfilled my need for quite a while. There aren't many of these in the Blue Bloods fandoms so I thank you. I think my favorites so far are the Jack ones. I'll admit it; I'm a sucker for tall blond boys with green eyes and the soul of a thousand year old angle of destruction, ;).
1/24/2011 c31 2alwaysreading25
I loved it! I like it in the twins pov ahhahaloved the last sene can't wait for update
1/18/2011 c30 1anne knight
Although im a Sky and Jack fan im actually curious about Jack's and Mimi's Childhood. Please write about that for the next one.
1/18/2011 c30 amcm11994

I vote for Mimi7Jack childhood...

1/14/2011 c30 2alwaysreading25
Jacks minus child hood! Loved the chapter
1/12/2011 c29 springawakening1894
I like how different this was. Favorite part was the ending where Forsyth regrets it all. Very nice!
1/9/2011 c28 1anne knight
I love Allegra but since i read BV i feel so bad for Charles. I really do hope that they get back together. Its weird that they called Stephen Bendix tho. Anyways great job, loved it as always.
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