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6/29/2019 c3 FoxyWhiteForever
I have enjoyed reading this story and I really hope that you will continue it. I love the originality of both stories the "Reader of Totems" and "Weapon 7". Especially I like how you can stir emotions using the right words. Love your work and hope you do well!
5/6/2019 c3 Andreina Cummings
Please update soon
8/31/2016 c3 Angelic Reaper13
Love the story. Plz update!
1/4/2014 c3 20kage kitsune 14
Update soon, please.
9/8/2013 c3 unknown
I found it great, thank you for writing it, keep going please.
I really hoped you would continue. :(
1/11/2013 c3 kisskissa
Ibiki doesnt get enuf luv cant wait to see more
10/5/2012 c3 1Molly Grace 16
Shichi kind of reminds me of what of read about isolated children in Sociology. If she doesn't have any good memories associated with touch, that probably would be her reaction. I like Anko's analogy about the icebergs. It gives me a funny mental picture.
3/19/2012 c3 Dragons-Awesome
This story must go on...or else...something
1/28/2011 c3 2Imagination12
Woah, didn't see that coming. Nice cleanness and bath and everything. I like how her response to being touched is to try to attack Anko. Then later she thinks about it and calls it acceptable. Ha. This is really interesting so far. :) Keep writing.

1/28/2011 c2 Imagination12
It's really awesome so far. I like how Shichi doesn't crack a bit and totally stays calm eventhough she's counting down to when she could possibly die. :) Keep writing.

1/28/2011 c1 Imagination12
Wow... This is REALLY dark. Your writing style is mature and the idea's original. It's a good story. Keep Writing :)

11/27/2010 c3 Ashley
NOOOO! that can't be all. I hope you update quickly it was just getting good too.
11/27/2010 c1 Ashley
I have read your other two stories before and thought i would see how this one is going. All i have to say is so far so good. Even if you are making it darker i am more than willing to read it because you have a wonderful writing style that makes it worth the read. Now onto the rest of the story. ^_^
11/25/2010 c3 1Ghost0Silvers
I'm hoping you haven't disappeared off the site or given up this story, I found your stories a few days and speed through the ShinoxOC. Your writing is adicting, this story is to a great start, I'm hoping to read more, it's so rare to read such decent OC stories.
10/28/2010 c3 1soccergrl15
*Cracks up* Ohhh Anko, I should've expected something like that- but I have to admit, I did not. That's quite an amusing tactic though, and the fact that she even commented to Ibiki that it would be like "One Iceberg trying to mate with another" was hysterical. *Shakes head* I personally would keep her around. I'm sure Shichi and Anko would devise some horribly devious plot to get at Ibiki- after all, you've got a soon to be weakness- and a woman that is the closest thing to being at his level. Ohhhh the deviousness...

Regardless- I'm looking forward to the next chapter~!
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