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12/5/2015 c2 Guest
Good choice of having the brothers react to the newborn. Thnx.
10/19/2015 c12 larasmith
It's no wonder Lancelot took a special interest in Galahad! Will Lancelot become somewhat of a father figure to the orphaned boy he saved from the near grasp of death? How are things progressing between Lancelot and Elena if they were destined to forge a special bond?
12/23/2014 c10 Guest
Oh, so that's how you went from Llacheu to Jack. I did wonder. It's so accurate too. That's exactly how family nicknames occur.
12/23/2014 c9 Guest
Haha! Loving Uncle Gwaine and Uncle Lancelot. And, of course, Duran and Galahad are enthralled. Jack knows better but love's Gwaine's tales anyway. That's as it should be. Really love your storytelling. Thank you!
12/23/2014 c8 Guest
Lol. Arthur and Merlin are still funny. Yep, just big kids themselves. They'll fit right in with the kids. Lol. Loved this!
12/23/2014 c7 Guest
So funny! And too, too cute. So Gwydre! There was a certain logic to his thinking. Lol
12/23/2014 c6 Guest
Ooh, I got chills at the part where Gwen would tell her boys about her dad and they appreciated learning about him. And, yes, that's right! He did forge their own dad's best sword. So touching!
12/23/2014 c5 Guest
ROTFL...good one! What a delightful imagination you have. :)
12/23/2014 c4 Guest
Hmm, ok Morgana is not Vivianne's mom. But she is a mommy and of twin girls no less. Will we know more of this Urien? And nice touch naming one daughter after her dearest adolescent friend.
12/23/2014 c3 Guest
Aww...Merlin's beloved Freya is teaching his daughter. Is Morgana her mother? Wow, I can't wait to read THAT backstory. :) Just loving each drabble so much. Thank you!
12/23/2014 c2 Guest
These scenes of Arthur and Gwen's life with children are simply heart-warming. They are loving parents with sons who have their own little personalities but still meld into one loving family. And, of course, Merlin still enjoys bantering with Arthur. Love it.
12/23/2014 c1 Guest
Lovely! I really like that Amhar took time to tell his little brother a bedtime story. And one that involved his mother being saved by his father a and Merlin. It was really cute that Gwydre woke his big brother and climbed into bed with him. As the youngest in my family, I definitely used to do that to my older sisters. :)
12/23/2014 c11 Guest
Oh! So cute and heartwarming. I love this four 4 boys and how much they love their mother, each other, and their dad. I love that their gift was inspired by Arthur's beautiful gift and that they each played a role.
12/23/2014 c11 larasmith
Arthur could never show enough of his love and adoration for his Guinevere as she has captivated his heart and soul the moment he first noticed her! Hmmmm! Seems it'll be tradition for Pendragon sons to carve something special for their mothers from now on!
12/22/2014 c11 Sherri
Great story, I happened to come across this story, since it's listed under Arthur/Merlin I would have never seen this story. I only search for Arthur/Gwen, so you probably would get more reviews from the Arwen fans :)
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