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6/9 c25 4El Publicano
I loved this story and I liked the plot that you proposed for Harry and Daphne, on the one hand, I am glad that Daphne has not been involved in blackmail or something like that, as abounds in many other , I must admit that the deaths of Sirius and Dumbledore did hurt. Also, the fact that Harry killed Snape without hesitation, without knowing the truth... Man, there you realize that Daphne is the column that supports Harry.
4/22 c25 Lawhai
Overall pretty good, even though I'm not personally a fan of all the political shenanigans. Snape's fresh was kinda forced, silencing him was kinda OoC imo.
3/12 c22 Nimbus2023
This chapter was ridiculous.
3/12 c21 Nimbus2023
. vol de mort would not have asked for Snape's help and he would not have allowed Bellatrix to help either, he's too prideful for that.
3/12 c21 Nimbus2023
Wizards are a fickle lot.
3/12 c20 Nimbus2023
Wow, you really nerfed Amelia Bones in this story.
3/11 c17 Nimbus2023
The scene with Fudge was beyond stupid and Fudge kept his office solely because of plot armor. The fact that the entire Wizengamot just rolled over and acquiesced to his whims was utterly laughable and defeats the purpose of having a parliamentary body which is to ensure a system of checks and balances.
3/11 c15 Nimbus2023
With the way Harry handled the dragon, I seriously wish it had barbequed him.
3/9 c11 Nimbus2023
As I said, Harry's leaps in logic are not realistic.
3/9 c9 Nimbus2023
Harry's leaps of logic are a little hard to believe.
3/9 c7 Nimbus2023
My main criticism of this chapter is that it would take Hedwig as long as Ron and Seamus to get to Hogwarts, if not longer.
2/21 c25 ThermiteHawk
Its a good story. The writing is detailed without being overly so, the chacter’s emotions comes out in the writing so its possible to get an understanding of the thought process with having it spelt out. Its a little noticeable how the desire to finish the story began to outweigh the desire to write the story as it neared the ending but overall was still a good story.
2/10 c18 maiqsmail
The concentration of eye rolls per page is becoming unbearable. Igh imma head out.
2/10 c10 maiqsmail
One of top three students of the year just spent half of school year petrified. No remedial lessons to catch up then?
2/10 c4 maiqsmail
I refuse a believe it was not orchestrated. One an accident, twice a coincidence...
He went to the third floor first thing after getting a cloak (1), while running away from there he somehow ended up in the single room where the mirror was hidden (2) and inside the he met with Green grass (3). It was kinda sus that Hermi gifted him the book that most probably would contain Flamel reference. It all seems artificial.
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