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for The Silmarillion Gospel

1/15/2018 c5 3sweetheartcat5
Please update soon!
10/3/2017 c5 5Nargothrond

I can never read The Silmarillion the same way again.

God help me.

There are some things in life you just can't unread.
3/8/2017 c3 43Celridel
Goodness, how do you make socks so funny!
'"Holy socks!" and disappeared'
You are a genius.
And in this Yavanna was also a little bit upset, I'll wager.
3/8/2017 c1 Celridel
'I doth rock thy socks-'
Oh-my-goodness! I'm dying!
I better not let my siblings see it, or this is what will go on.
"Don't come in my room!"
"I doth rock thy socks and therefore this is my room!"
"Rack thou off, for this is my place!"
11/27/2015 c1 46sian22
Brilliant..just brilliant
10/28/2015 c5 39Brievel
Please, please, please, please, please continue this! Please!
10/28/2015 c3 Brievel
I think you need your head examined... no offense.
9/16/2015 c5 okeydokeyworld
I just started reading your other stories lately, and this one is hilarious !. By the Valar, Araloth, I am beginning to think you are a immortal spirit blessed with the gift of comedic perfection . I am also glad you have read/know of the Simallarion. Not many LOTR fans I know, even KNOW those books exist. Well until your next update ;)
8/7/2015 c5 10WalkingInTalaria
Just found this gem, and loved it! I couldn't stop laughing, especially when Elrond delivered his verdict on the fangirl's progress. I hope you decide to continue this one eventually!
5/15/2015 c5 8brandend
This is hilarious! Is it too hopeful of me to expect an update ever? x
3/30/2015 c5 33fantasychica37
What "ele" means is a perfect summary of the Silmarillion.
3/30/2015 c4 fantasychica37
Also, did weed make Tom Bombadil?
3/30/2015 c3 fantasychica37
Weed as the whole problem is the best thing ever! Crying!
5/14/2014 c1 88Lasgalendil
I think the Silmarillion is actually written more archaically than the KJB, but that's my opinion :) The contrast between the formal verbs and pronouns and the incredibly modern slang (whoop-de-freakin'-do especially!) was hilarious in effect. Great job!

"And lo! This did absolutely nothing to appease the conflict." Another one of my favorite moments. Love how you've got it standing alone as a separate paragraph-it gives this very non-weighty pronouncement a sense of hilarious gravitas.
4/7/2014 c5 22Yuki Suou
You didn't abandon this story, did you? It was a lovely (and funny) read :D hope you would update
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