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9/16 c1 Guest
Shape yes
9/6 c34 hisnhers
A well written fic.

I enjoyed the relationship of Snape as Harry's friend and mentor, as well as Lupin's part in disrupting everyone's conceived viewpoint on Riddle.

Sirius and Severus having a conversation without fighting and rudeness. I was actually shocked. lol!

If you decide to add a sequel, I would definitely read it! If not, this fic ended at a good spot and on a good note.

Fav'd this.

9/5 c20 hisnhers
Ummm, pssst. Where's the recipe for the Everlasting Gobstoppers?

Severus is doing well. Writing down what you want to change and then do it repeatedly. It'll become second nature eventually.

9/5 c17 hisnhers
Merlin's Mirror would be horrible for anyone to endure, but Severus was especially cruel to Harry after his solo for the Choir.

Glad Severus is going to try and apologize.

9/1 c34 nanaeleanor
What a great story. I loved the creative ways you explained things and the absolutely satisfying development of your characters. Usually things get overdone, but here each character seemed exactly right. Harry seemed like an 11 year old child neither too mature or too damaged. You kept everything within reasonable bounds and that produced a lovely believable story. Plus I was happy to have a narrative where old rivalries did not in fact prevent good outcomes. And you didn’t complicate the plot unnecessarily. Thanks for writing.
9/1 c31 nanaeleanor
Nice turn of events! Great writing.
8/25 c34 3Penelope Valentine
This is fantastic! Your characterisation of Snape is brilliant, and I love the worldbuilding here. Truly an enjoyable read! Thank you very much for writing and sharing!
8/11 c34 1jules3677
Finished reading your story. Nicely written. Thoroughly enjoyable. The more approachable Snape, who was engaging with Harry was a delightful change. His patience and attempts to temper some of Harry’s recklessness was fun. Glad you didn’t do a complete ‘makeover’ of Snape. Thankyou for your entertaining story.
8/10 c34 Jenny
I’m liking this story!
8/1 c34 mizzrazz72
Harry needs all of the help that he can get.
7/31 c1 Guest
Just finished this and I REALLY liked it. A different take on the story and it’s crying out for a sequel!️
7/30 c34 HoneyBear84
Love it and seriously hope you will write a sequel
7/30 c34 9GhostHex
Dang, so long since I've seen this. But I do like what's up with their budding friendship/alliance, whatever they wish to call it.
7/26 c34 biancaruth
7/24 c34 13BlazeVein
simply brilliant . I forgot a lot of things about this story, and re-reading it I'm glad you could write it until this ending, thou as open it is. thank you!
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