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12/25/2009 c1 19KounetsuDeb
Very nice story so far.

Oh how I lol'd at the volturi part though. Very smooth.

Anxiously waiting until next chapter,


p.s: You should write Glorfindel/Harry! Just an idea.
12/25/2009 c1 xXFreedom-ReaderXx
I truely love this story, already :D I can't wait to read more. Prince Nuada + Harry = HOT! I reacon they should get to the bit where Nuada stabs Hellboy with the sword that gets implanted in him, instead of writing it like that, i think that Red and Nuada are fighting like in the movie but instead of Red getting stabbed Harry should jump into the fight to stop them and accidently get stabbed in the process. Nuada becomes distraught because he stabbed his mate and thinking he killed Harry he escapes. With Nuada thinking he killed Harry he raises the golden army thinking there is nothing good let in the world. But Harry comes to save the day as Red took him to that angel beast thing that took out the sword piece and shows Nuada that he didn't kill him. Nuada then puts the army to sleep and becomes somewhat good. The end :P

Just an idea for you there. Either way I'll still love this story and i can't wait to read more. Merry Christmas!
12/24/2009 c1 Elfin69
This is wonderful. I cannot wait to see the Auror's reactions and when Harry and Nuada meet again.
12/24/2009 c1 4HikariAi
Very good. I love this one. I can't wait for the next and last chapter. -grins-

PLEASE PLEASE update soon, ne. ^^
12/24/2009 c1 wolfawaken
WONDERFUL! I do love the Prince.
12/24/2009 c1 ONIX-21
Hey i've never read a Harry Potter/Hellboy crossover before but i really like this story so far

its a great idea

and i like how you've brought Harry in to the story :D

Love that Harry is a defender of magical creatures!

Great work

cant wait to read more so i hope u update soon! XD
12/24/2009 c1 HopiZap
plz plz plz update soon cuz this was a good chapter! can't wait to see what happens
12/24/2009 c1 4VulcanFanGirl
its soo cute of a story and you saved the pretty forest spirit that part in the movie was always sad.
12/24/2009 c1 Slate Grey
Eek, what a nice early Christmas present! :D I'm growing to love this pairing, and I love it even more the way that you're writing it. Thanks for the nice surprise! (Also thank you for saving Mr. Wink and the forest spirit, neither of whom deserved what they got. ^_^)
12/24/2009 c1 9TheOneThatIsAddictedToHPfics
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