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for Have A Yaoi Christmas

1/28/2016 c2 danyellow97
What the fuck was that?! I'll tell you what that was...a fucking tease that's was that was.
Come on! Can you even call that yaoi. If anything its more shounen-ai at best.
I mean it was oooook...not really. What the hell! Stop being so light with it. It needs to be more 'sexy'. I mean my little brother could read this and not even know its yaoi. Come on man more of the good stuff. Just a kiss...WHAT?! WTF
6/24/2013 c2 2Yuyne
...I thought this was Mello X Near. I'm sorry for intruding in this private space.
5/14/2012 c4 30LXBBandLXlightfan
This fic is hilarious and cute! Good job!
3/6/2010 c4 1This Iz Pointless
I'd like to see anything you come up with! seriously, i luvs the randomness. Please get out the next chapter soon!
2/9/2010 c4 1Miharu is Harukas Love Child



I feel dizzy...*sips some of that eggnog*

haha it makes like NO SENSE XD but i STILL kept reading.
2/4/2010 c4 18InfinityChaos
haha, quite funny darling xD
1/31/2010 c3 InfinityChaos

lmfao, Alright... that was just... hilarious!

"Wonderpets, Wonderpets, we're on our way!"

aand! "HAVE YOU SEEN A SHEEP?" lmfao XD

Ahh, Matt is quite adorable when he's drunk XD

although I'd probably be like that too XD

Ahh, this is so funny xD

haha, Youu should send to this me and highlight what parts Whit wrote ;P
1/31/2010 c3 11Funky Bracelet Chick
HAVE YOU SEEN A SHEEP? *dies laughing*
1/31/2010 c1 3Blind Justice
Dang, I thought it said "Epilogue" instead of "Eggnog" for a minute there xD And I was like: o.O wha? That can't be the end!

Turns out it's not xD This is good!
1/30/2010 c2 TWIST3D ALPHAB3T
I REALLY love this story! It's so cute and Near's adorable in it! (but hey when is Near NOT adorable?) And it even has B in it :D I love B so much it's freakish please PLEASE write soon I can't wait to read what happens next!

Be seein ya

Wolf x

P.S) Yay for your wee sister liking yaoi you should be proud! Wish I had a wee sister to corrupt damn my brothers...
1/13/2010 c2 11Funky Bracelet Chick
1/12/2010 c2 18InfinityChaos
Ahh*insert fangirl hearts above my head*


I demand Moarr! :D
1/12/2010 c1 crimsonrose1994
1/5/2010 c1 InfinityChaos

That was adorable!

You MUST continue!

1/1/2010 c1 7Katie - Lyn Della Robia
One word. Continue!
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