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10/9/2016 c5 DeathStar00
Update Please! ;D
6/3/2015 c3 awsome
please update and continue , i enjoyed this very much.
4/24/2014 c5 Tri-light
2/20/2013 c5 6ZecoreZecron
Why is the planet named after Konoha? It's just a hidden village. Not the only one either. That'd be like calling Earth "New York".
7/16/2012 c5 1Lord-Marauder-2013
please continue writing this story
4/7/2012 c5 2moonserenity82
this sounds like i cool crossover are we going to meet goku ab co. please continjue
12/4/2011 c5 2Dinian
Hmmm, not bad. Of course this story is going to be very short if you plan to try and keep frieza and his goons to their actual power levels. lol

Really the only mistakes you've made with this story is you made the A/N more amusing to read than the chapters. :P
9/8/2011 c5 RedEYES-Fallen
This story is soooooooo good! I love it! Please update! :D
5/23/2011 c5 WINGS-OF-YORU

1/1/2011 c1 markazer12
good chapter luved all of it
9/14/2010 c5 2reven228
Yo I like the story and am hoping Jiraiya shows up soon. I'm talking, lasers flying, aliens dieing, and as one's taking a cheap shot at naruto. BOOM Jiraiya shows up out of nowhere yelling things like "the greatest man in the north, south, east, and west. The slayer of goes and demons, defier of death, the invincible, the unstopible, Jiraiya!" throw in a little dance and BOOM Jiraiya's back. Anyway, please update the story soon.
7/29/2010 c5 5Dagomon
I love SURVIVORS. I 'm certainly going to uy a T-shirt with that on.
7/18/2010 c4 RazgrizAce22
awesome story, have frieza destroy everything, u know not all the time good guys have to win
6/12/2010 c5 6SoftcoreOtaku
Naruto is now the Orange Flash! But you know, if you think about it hard enough, there could be two reasons for that:

1) Naruto made it orange on purpose 'cause that's his favourite colour (most likely answer)

2) an involuntary mixture of yellow (from the Yellow Flash) and red (from the Kyuubi's chakra).

Please update! (No rush, just don't abandon it)

5/8/2010 c5 11Vero-Enelya
This is going to be good. I can`t waitfor the next chapter...
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