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8/13/2012 c5 3miss.jenny.lovey.dovey
Mmmkayy sooo this is interesting but Draco gets the girl?
8/13/2012 c4 miss.jenny.lovey.dovey
Where can I buy that! Haha kidding!
8/13/2012 c3 miss.jenny.lovey.dovey
Uhhh ohhh helllll nawww I just wow! Brilliant idea !
8/13/2012 c2 miss.jenny.lovey.dovey
Uhh ohhh I sniff trouble
8/13/2012 c1 miss.jenny.lovey.dovey
Hmm who's this girl? And whos her date?
4/9/2012 c8 18Orange-Coyote
Love this story! :D
3/25/2012 c8 5She with the hazel eyez
Ahh that was a cute ending to that chapter
3/24/2012 c8 1Baby.Bunny418
It was good. I hope you post more. I can't wait to find out what happens now that they know the truth. Have a wonderful week. =)
3/23/2012 c8 4froggirl101
Ahhhhmazing :) I cant wait for the next one :)
3/22/2012 c8 4Mrs.Moony86
Ron, Fred and George are idiots!

Draco and Hermonies interactions are really hot.

This is an intresting story so far. Hope to see more soon.
3/22/2012 c4 Anonymous
Well thank you FRED and GEORGE!

Made my shipper heart flutter like crazy!

Love it!
3/22/2012 c8 3hotttopicgirl
love it
3/20/2012 c7 3CheshireCat23
Great update.
3/20/2012 c7 gabbygoober23
Poor hermione :(
3/19/2012 c7 1rhileigh
Was that all for this story? You need more! Don't leave me hanging!
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