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for DarkAngel and Cherub

11/18/2019 c25 9cko2
cool story from the past when ranma really was bigger then it is now it seems.
6/9/2014 c25 3tuatara
Well. I’ve avoided reviewing the end of this story for a long, long time because of how intensely, profoundly frustrating I found certain elements of it. But even if part of the conclusion upset me greatly, I dearly wish that were a sequel. Even a one-shot set sometime much later that painted a portrait of the characters’ current lives would suffice, though I do realize I’ll be wishing for that for the rest of my days.

As negatively as I responded to some aspects of the ending, I am still glad I read this. It was a top-notch, woefully underappreciated story. Thank you for your efforts here and throughout your body of work. You’ll always have my respect and admiration.
5/12/2014 c25 shugokage
Awesome unique story good job!
9/28/2013 c25 Rune Tobor
A very good fic, even better that it is finished.

Kuno needs to be killed.

I'd have some father do it.

I'm sure Kuno has raped some girls and used his money to cover it up.

But when one of the girls kills herself the father snaps and goes on to kill Kuno.

Kuno is insane, dangerous, like a rabid dog.

Kill Kuno.

Thanks for the fic.
5/31/2013 c25 16LordsFire
One of the strong points of your storytelling is how you don't try to make things 'too perfect' in how they resolve, nor do you devolve to near-mindless grimderp. It'll be quite interesting to see what finally comes of Kuno.
4/25/2013 c25 8Compucles
While there are certainly a lot of things left open, you did a good job wrapping up the current arc. I'd consider offering to continue it myself, but I don't know anything about "Hero Games Champions" other than what you have in this story, so I don't think I could do it justice.

It's a real shame that the Tendos have to give up their home and dojo, but hopefully Ranma and Akane can eventually build and run a new dojo of their own in Hudson City.
4/25/2013 c25 terryie
I'm sad to see it end. I found it to be one of the better written Ranma in America stories, actually one of the better written Ranma stories.
Thank you for sharing your imagination, it is very much appreciated.
4/25/2013 c25 1Natalie-E-G
I wish I had the imagination to write or I would continue for you.

I burst out laughing when Kat asked Akane if she was his girlfriend. I laughed more when you described Stacy trying to control the laughing.

And I know it was not your favorite story, but maybe... If nothing else can you publish or send me an outline for a story, maybe I can try. A lot of people that I can written critiques for would probably love to critique me back (though except for one person, I think I have always told them, I would write if I could so I envy there willingness to try if criticizing and hopefully helping them with their technique).
4/25/2013 c25 15Richard Ryley
Aw, I'm definately not happy to see this end, especially if you're not going to continue it. But at least Ranma and Akane are reunited, and the story is wrapped up. Ironically, while I can understand Nabiki not wanting to risk facing Kuno's insanity without Ranma to protect the family, the whole family disappearing is likely to send him off looking for them. But that's another story, I guess.
4/19/2013 c24 2Shannon Dee
Thank you for a wonderful chapter.
4/18/2013 c24 15Richard Ryley
Well, with everyone involved dead, Ryu has no one to tell about Ranma's secret, unless he chooses to track down some of their bosses. Which I don't see happening at this point. Given that he wasn't trying to kill Ranma (I was a bit suprised by that, guess he's got a bit of a good streak, just as in the canon) I'm guessing from now on he's going to want to track down "Cherub" himself. A new arch-rival for the duo, maybe, or even an on-again, off-again frenemy, like Bluejay?

Loved Ryu giggling about Cherub's name. It reminds me more of Taro constantly teasing Ranma about his curse, but gives his character a bit more depth.
4/15/2013 c23 Ranmayamabushi
Great story, thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!
4/14/2013 c23 2Shannon Dee
Thank you for another good chapter.
4/13/2013 c23 1Natalie-E-G
Like I said, still enjoying.

I am very happy with what you did with Bluejay. She seems like a really decent person, she just want to live at a certain level. She will never really be one of the good guys but on the other hand she is definitely not one one of the bad guys. She kind of reminds of how a lot of the authors portrayed Catwoman in her comic.

So Kumon is in on the big secret. Let us hope he is willing to keep the secret even if he does want to hurt/maim/kill for his revenge.
4/12/2013 c23 15Richard Ryley
Definately worth letting the Muse take over. I don't know if Bluejay DID know for sure what that would to do her - or the bad guys - but it still shows that it takes all kinds to be a hero.

Ranma's little bout of stupidity was unfortunate, but not unexpected, given Genma's death. So will Ryu be reporting that Cherub and Ranma are one and the same, or will he be surviving this little enounter? (I never liked him much in the canon, and I won't be unhappy if he dies here)
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