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for We like 'em young and a little broken

6/4/2016 c13 Guest
Obviously you have long since stopped writing this story but it was a fun read and happened to stop at a decent closure point.
6/27/2015 c13 Guest
I really would love to see something to finish this story off. Five years later it seems unlikely which is a shame.
3/5/2013 c13 Doctor MisFire
Sorry, I pretty late to the party! But what evs NBD this was a good story. I have always loved a dark fic so to me this was great. So much of the romantic fics I read don't have enough darkness in them so when I find one that does, it's kinda like my birthday, any who, good job and I enjoyed it.
9/9/2012 c13 michelann
Wow, now that was so hot. I love a well written bit o smut. I want more more more. PLEASE
9/9/2012 c12 michelann
Now I loved this chapter! This was so great, just like an episode. You have these charactors down. I am a little confused with Zoe. I'm not sure i see her the way you have been portraying her but, hey you are the writer and I am just a reader. Know what I mean? Anyway I live your writing please keep up the good work.
9/9/2012 c11 michelann
I like this one, very well done.
9/9/2012 c10 michelann
Now this I loved. Jayne is such a great charactor and I love how River just won't leave him alone. SHINY
9/8/2012 c9 michelann
Well as erotica goes this wasn't bad. I think with work you could write really well. I enjoy your stories but, I do have a little trouble seeing Zoe with a companion. But hey that's just me, like I said it wasn't bad.
9/8/2012 c8 michelann
So who done it? Hhhmmm my money is on Aiden. This was not at all what I expected. I like that. Keep it coming, as I have said many times ,I love your writing.
9/4/2012 c6 michelann
So what is Aidens game I wonder.
9/4/2012 c5 Guest
You have Jayne down pat.
9/3/2012 c3 Guest
Oh so very Jayne,I'm lovin this
9/3/2012 c2 Guest
Ok, now this is funny 's glaring romance
9/3/2012 c1 Guest
Oh so Jayne, ya gotta be spellin it out far em.
4/22/2012 c13 hotforteacher3
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease keep going! This story is awesome- I can't wait to see what happens with Adain & Zoe and River & Jayne!
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