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for My Last Christmas

4/14/2010 c1 5Ilovetacos5
DANG! Kagome got a mean streak in her! Who would a thought!
4/12/2010 c5 5IntoTheMindOfSunny
Gr8 chappy! this is so good! omg i cannot wait for the rest! keep it up!
4/3/2010 c4 IntoTheMindOfSunny
You are on fire! you could be a writer! i love what you are doing in this story. please keep up the awesome work!
3/9/2010 c1 shadowlily1616
hey OMG! YOU R JUST LIKE ME! i love to sing a write my own lyrics when i'm bored i love avril lavigne and my mom was born in the philiphines and she grew up there and i love it there thats y were goin there again somtime in the summer ! anyways i love my last christmas and how kags is the ice queen and please r & r my story called " A long lost friend it would really help me out since its my first fanfic ever! please and thankyou and i love your story like i said before!
1/16/2010 c3 gigglez30
I really like this story so plz and add more chapters, I want to know what happens next, thanx!
1/16/2010 c3 7Black Lily Angel
No! Why did you stop there? I really wanted to know what happens after! Plea please please please UPDATE! Please update as soon as possible!
12/31/2009 c2 5Lessthanthreeanime
Awsome work. Wait how old are these guys. It would make a bit more sense to me. Other than that awsome job!
12/31/2009 c2 39Drama Kagome
Lol. That was so funny! I loved it!
12/31/2009 c2 5DamonInuLover23
Keep writing!
12/29/2009 c1 5Lessthanthreeanime
I like the story idea so far. Update soon. Ask me for help if you need it. Sorry for taking so long to read it, I've been ungodly busy. Update soon. This is gonna be good. I can tell.
12/27/2009 c1 1RainyNightDreamer
Nice story. I like it so far. :D
12/27/2009 c1 7Black Lily Angel
Nice story. Kags has Sesshy's personality. Sweet never would have thought of it that way but still awsome!k bye! oh and update this one sooner plaese! Bye!

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