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for Believe in me

11/30/2010 c1 16xzerox195
You should continue this fanfic :) You are really good at descriptions and putting someone in the moment.
2/15/2010 c1 Kyoxha
Hey kid @_@ sorry i haven't been around. lol,i'm supposed to review u and stuff. ;p Welp, let's get to it *reads story*

o_o acutally this short little segment was a bit depressing. Cuz in this scene, didn't he open the hatch so that way he could go out to space? If she screamed...


DID YOU JUST MURDER KILL RELENA? DX AAUGH! lol i'm really not sure if u did or didn't. o_o u should continue with this...i had like, 12 ideas on, of course it is up to u.

Kinda sweet, too short for my personal taste but other than that, nothing wrong with it. Wish there were more discriptions on what they both felt tho.

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