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10/17/2018 c24 rachel625
I loved it! looking forward to the sequel!
3/7/2018 c7 Aussiewolfgirl
6/13/2015 c6 MintOreo98
I love it so far! I hope Bella will fall in love with this life
12/2/2013 c24 4snow eopard
I love it
8/17/2013 c5 24ObsessedwReading
Great job on this.
8/17/2013 c4 ObsessedwReading
I wonder what will happen next.
8/17/2013 c3 ObsessedwReading
Poor Bella is so confused.
8/17/2013 c2 ObsessedwReading
Great chapter and fanfiction.
8/17/2013 c1 ObsessedwReading
Great start to this. Short but Sweet.
7/6/2012 c13 Jalvorez
I'm so glad she's finally coming around! I really hope she stays with Jacob!
3/26/2011 c24 3Ottawa Pagan
wonderful story : )
2/28/2011 c24 HibarixZhen
love it 3
2/2/2011 c3 NotIntoSparkle
Love it! Too bad she's so confused!
1/24/2011 c2 Smiley Tina
Good story! Just one thing I noticed, in 'An Unexpected Awakening': "One was of Billy Black, HER best friend Jacob's dad, and another was of Charlie. My dad was smiling and playing with a young boy that I'd never seen before."

1/22/2011 c23 1acetwi3
wow, that was a wonderful story! I LOVED IT!
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