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for It's Blood, not Brains

8/2/2011 c20 spike'smate
i usually review at the end and i takes me hat off and bows to you. THANK YOU for a really good story. u captured dru just right. am going to look for your other stories now
7/18/2011 c20 1RealMe2
Oh, sweetie, you're welcome! And I hace to say, circus and Woodstoock! A few things define Spike and Dru better, and I have to say that since I saw Woodstoock I was so hoping to see them under drugs and you did! And I just can't explain how much I loved that drugged Dru saw flowers while allucinating. I just can't.

Until next review!
7/18/2011 c20 38Oxnate
Sorry to see it end.

Also Oxnate is not a chick :-P But you're welcome anyway.

7/18/2011 c19 Oxnate
-She licks her lips "Can we play with the little children, please?"- Love it.
7/18/2011 c18 1RealMe2
Aww, poems about the moon... This is so Dru like. Great job, hun.
6/6/2011 c17 38Oxnate
Short, but good.
6/6/2011 c17 1RealMe2
Poor Spikey... Had he just known what was going to happen 30 years later...
4/26/2011 c16 RealMe2
Ok, let alone the fact I adored that flashback too, so I can't tell you how much happy I am because you wrote something about that moment... I adore the fact you decided to write it from Dru's pov! Wonderful, as usual.
2/4/2011 c15 RealMe2
"A vampire has standards ya know, rules, things ya just don't do."

1/28/2011 c14 9yingyanggirl
1/28/2011 c14 1RealMe2
That's what should have happen! I mean, in Crush I was so sorry for Dru, all alone. And I think that a part of Spike never stopped loving her, so I'm so happy for you writing almost an alternative ending to the episode!
1/25/2011 c13 38Oxnate
Very good stuff. I always love Dru when she's written well.
1/25/2011 c13 9yingyanggirl
1/25/2011 c13 1RealMe2
Okay, I so loved this. First, because I love the way you write. Second, because I love Spike and Dru. Third, because I'm Italian, and I loved you writing something about my country, as you did in A Song in Their Hearts and in the previous chapter. And I'm so glad you put Angelus in it too!

When Spike thought "horny bastard" it was sooo like him!

Waiting for the next chapter!
11/26/2010 c12 2SkipToTheEnd
Really enjoying this so far, I think you've captured both Spike and Dru really well.

It's also nice to follow them through the years and to see how and why their love stayed strong.

Great so far, looking forward to more!
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