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for Got to Make a Memory

12/11/2010 c3 5KamiByul
Just to let you know DO NOT LISTEN TO MEAN PEOPLE i like your story a lot i hope you do continue i think its really good im just wondering who the dude at the begining is because im just stumped please please please continue! ill love for eva and eva if you do
8/23/2010 c2 3Sue Doe Nyhm
I know...this story is pretty bad, but I am reviewing it 2 add more detail and tie up lose ends...when I waz writing this I didn't bother to make it good, I just wanted to get it down...thx 4 the review though :)...other then that I would like 2 remind evryone 2 plz plz review!
4/15/2010 c1 3LadyPhoenix7777
... Is this a joke?

Random crossovers with a hundred different series, bad grammar, bad spelling.

This is the first chapter and it's pretty bad.

Don't make multiple crossovers and find a beta to edit your story.

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