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10/5 c43 Coolfire30
Aaahhh please you need to finish your Fan fictions. PLEASSSSEEEEE
9/22 c43 marushumnluvr4eva
please, please, please come back and finish this story. a cliffhanger like this is unjust and WRONG. i'm reading this story for the second time and i want and need an ending. a happy one with pups and family reunions, and her mother's story from her own lips. no pressure. c'ya'
8/24 c28 5The Wolf's Knight
He is so dead
1/15 c43 4Koneko
Amazing. Just amazing. I can tell that you're "real" author just by the depth of feeling you express without the exposition. I will say that the beginning was a bit rough in terms of reading experiences. The sentences were broken and there was a feeling of being rushed, too halted and incomplete. I assumed that over time this was done on purpose to give the reader a sense of Kagome and Sesshoumaru's confusion. Around the time of Yasha's death or even slightly before, I saw the change.

Anyway, this story is GREAT. It's up there along with Beside You In Time. I just love this pairing so much, especially when authors move away from the fluff and really delve into the darker side of their characters or the circumstances in general. I will wait for your update.
9/22/2016 c42 sweetcountry1210
Absolutely love this! I love the way this fic is written! Simply can not wait for the next installment! :)
4/3/2016 c42 Guest
Found your story by accident and didn't realize till half way that it is incomplete. I usually never read stories that are incomplete but I just couldn't stop reading this story it is magnificent and it deeply saddens me you haven't updated in 3 years and it is unlikely you will ever finish this story. Thank you for creating this story though and I hope one day you do end up finishing it.
9/7/2015 c43 Guest
No more updates, I suppose? I'm a little sad, but it was a good read.
8/3/2015 c43 Rita
PLEASE CONTINUE, I love this story! Chapter 3 stole my heart, and the rest was just amazing. Please finish your story! 3
11/4/2014 c43 Mizz Priscilla
Pppplease! Udate this story.
8/28/2014 c43 11Fearless miko
Nooooooo, I'm at the end! What will I do with my life now? I love the detailed talents of Sango and Miroku. They get so little attention and in the manga, their strengths never fail to impress. I seem to recall 2 humans that vowed their allegiance to the Inu no Taisho who Sesshomaru rejects after his father died. They died trying to protect him. I can see him comparing Sango and Miroku to those 2. Maybe regretting.

I'm sooooo into the Blood Lust and can't WAIT for the Heat season. I also must mention how you've made Kinawai dear to me. His character is so endearing and I really wish he could find a decent mate.

I want to hear more about the dragon bracelet and the weapons Eldest gave Kagome. I keep thinking it's going to randomly kill her, or bond to her and give her powers.

And coming from your Kouga/Kag fic, the Challenge with Kouga KILLED me. Now you have to update that fic because his heartbreak at the caves was hallowing. I expect his allegiance to Kagome will come in handy during this trying time with the dragons.

Oh, oh! The mating ceremony? The ink and the story-telling was peeeeerfect! A tradition that you know is ancient tradition without having to be said. I would love to see it again, hear Kagome's story, maybe for Kiniwai's new mate?
8/26/2014 c33 Fearless miko
IM TOO ADDICTED TO REVIEW. But I'm still here. Now go write another Kouga/Kagome chapter on your fic with the long Latin name!
8/18/2014 c23 Fearless miko
My name on here is Fearless Miko. On Dokuga, it's Inumiko. It would have been Inumiko here is the name hadn't already been snagged. I love that's it's mentioned here and I am once again in denial that this is my first time through this fic.
I love the women cursing the lack of light while cutting vegetables. It's such a practical thing that makes you relate and really feel like you're there. I love the reference back to Eldest, kind of renewing the mystery. And when the vibe or whatever went out, it started thunder storming at my house. Nice.
8/16/2014 c22 Fearless miko
I'm amazed at the similarities between this story and my own Musing Miko. This story is a much higher caliber of course but considering the fact the two of us as authors have never crossed paths prior to this it's worth noting.

I also wanted to preserve Kagome's spiritual power into her transition into a demon. It's so much apart of who she is. I created the Godai Inu, or Elemental Inu demons, who only transition from human to demon once they have come of age. But I just got writers OVJ on the story. It was like I hit a birch wall and have no idea which way to go now. My fans leave passive-aggressive updates like "Are you ever going to finish this story?" And I think no, not until I'm ready to commit again. Did I mention I have a daughter who is 15 months old whose name is Lyra? The constellation she is named for had it's first meteor shower in 75 years on my due date. She is also named for the role of Lyra in The Golden Compass series.

But back to writing- I pride myself on smut but I can't get down the romance, the real intimacy that a good writer like yourself can create with ease. The relationship developement between them in this story is very beautifully orchestrated. The whole Chase. The red, demon eyes, it's a very juicy story :) BUT I WANT MORE KOUGA KAGOME! This is just filler. I'm still lamenting the fact that story is out of chapters for me to read
8/15/2014 c21 Fearless miko
Favorites this chapter (and maybe some previous chapters) "crooked stubs", "dark long trees" and "dream haunted woods." Also loved the part where Kagome is wrapped up in the realization of how Sesshomaru cared for her and the description of how he was "dragging her away with his words." The feeling is so very familiar.
7/15/2014 c1 hzma
I usually avoid ANY incomplete fics I come across as i'm rather impatient, but I took a chance on this first chapter and wow, beautifully done! I'll definitely continue reading the rest but will try my best to take it slow. I hope this is not abandoned!
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