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6/6 c1 kiajuanacannon
please update... such a great story
4/15 c43 SilverDreamsCA
I really want to see what happens next! update update update ! -
4/15 c42 SilverDreamsCA
this story is so good ! please pick it back up!
1/15 c43 10Coolfire30
I've read this story 3 times now and stilllllll no update? You've made us suffer enough author. PLEASE UPDATE SOOOOONNNN
1/15 c27 Coolfire30
chapter 27...when Kagome fought Sesshoumaru's mother...damn I was pumped
1/9 c14 Coolfire30
damn like I sorta understand why Kagome's 'friends' are acting this way...but still so utterly rude and spiteful not to mention disrespectful. Their words like knives through water, sinking down Kagome's feelings. damn if i didn't start to get pissed off.
1/9 c13 Coolfire30
hah author. do not worry about people hating you. heck I really doubt anyone would hate you for Inuyasha's death 1) He really had it coming and i mean this is A Sesshoumaru x kagome fanfic not an Inuyasha X Kagome fic.
2) Inuyasha constantly mentally abused Kagome...sooo why would people give you hate for killing a son of a bitch like that?
3) Inuyasha basically betrays kagome and leaves her as his second choice.
4) In general inuyasha is just a dumbass. I hate him. it might have to do with all of the other fanfics I've read but...yea
5) Sesshoumaru is perfect. he needs someone to get him out of his shell. Inuyasha fucked up with Kagome. I hated the anime's ending so here I am drowing myself in Sesshoumaru x kagome stories to wash always the disgusting memory of me watching Kagome and Inuyasha have children.
1/8 c10 Coolfire30
damn...your writing style is so descriptive. I can easily imagine what ever the fuck was happening.
1/8 c9 Coolfire30
Well...you know at first for some fucked up reason when you were describing them running...I thought of the titans running...like ton Shingeki No Kyoujin...other than that i was amazed and slightly turned on...kekekek
1/8 c4 Coolfire30
I'm starting to read this again and holy shit is this good. I'm getting excited all over again damn.
10/5/2017 c43 Coolfire30
Aaahhh please you need to finish your Fan fictions. PLEASSSSEEEEE
9/22/2017 c43 marushumnluvr4eva
please, please, please come back and finish this story. a cliffhanger like this is unjust and WRONG. i'm reading this story for the second time and i want and need an ending. a happy one with pups and family reunions, and her mother's story from her own lips. no pressure. c'ya'
8/24/2017 c28 4The Wolf's Knight
He is so dead
1/15/2017 c43 4Koneko
Amazing. Just amazing. I can tell that you're "real" author just by the depth of feeling you express without the exposition. I will say that the beginning was a bit rough in terms of reading experiences. The sentences were broken and there was a feeling of being rushed, too halted and incomplete. I assumed that over time this was done on purpose to give the reader a sense of Kagome and Sesshoumaru's confusion. Around the time of Yasha's death or even slightly before, I saw the change.

Anyway, this story is GREAT. It's up there along with Beside You In Time. I just love this pairing so much, especially when authors move away from the fluff and really delve into the darker side of their characters or the circumstances in general. I will wait for your update.
9/22/2016 c42 sweetcountry1210
Absolutely love this! I love the way this fic is written! Simply can not wait for the next installment! :)
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