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3/10 c1 lina
Please, please, oh please finish this story! It's all I can do to keep myself from reading the sequel... but I refuse to ruin the surprise. If I may ask-why the sudden hold on this story? It is excellently written, and I refuse to believe you have succumbed to writer's block!
1/24 c43 3wolfgirl09
PLEASE update soon! Finally got caught up in this story and I would LOVE to read more!
1/3 c42 kagome718
Ooohwheee i love the girl power! Kagome and Sango are kick ass! This story is great from beg until now there is no boring slow parts at all! Please update as soon as you are able i just am chomping at the bit for more :)
1/2 c19 kagome718
Things are getting interesting! :)
1/2 c13 kagome718
Omg that was so sad i totally relate to why you did it but i couldn't help crying! Your such a great story teller keep up the great job! :)
1/2 c9 kagome718
Whee! That was hot! I love all your descriptions and details it enables me to grasps the picture in my head. That lemon was hot! Im so hooked on this story since chapter 1 and I'm still hooked!
9/7/2013 c43 Renji.Lover.4lyfe
Teehee I cant wait to see what sesshoumaru and kagome do to kasuka and I hope kinawai does find someone who loves him truly. Absolutely love this story please please please update soon.
9/7/2013 c43 Adonna2424
I actually re-read the entire story because it's been so long since the last updated I forgot the story lol. Please don't wait so long to update again, my sleep schedule is in ruins lol. I really hope Kinawai finds love too, he's such a great character :) Thanks so much!
9/4/2013 c43 4Tsukikageshi
please update
8/29/2013 c43 2sunshinestar16
I just started reading this story two days ago... and all I can say is that this is BRILLIANT WORK, PERFECTION! I really look forward to the next chapter.
8/27/2013 c43 wickedclownsmile
just got caught up to your wonderful story! keep up the great work! :)
8/27/2013 c43 Inari Shade
An update! YAY!

This has to be my favorite of your stories, I love the plot and your style of prose. Please keep up the excellent work and don't take too long on the next update! ;)
8/26/2013 c43 2lakeya2700
Love this update
8/26/2013 c43 Silas Serenity
Im not a reviewer. Not, usually. That being said, i love this story to pieces. I'd be extremely surprised if no ones told you this before, but you're a Beautiful writer. You're writing is a gift, so I'll thank you for sharing it! I look forward to the next chapter, see'ya!
8/26/2013 c43 kouga's older woman
Your story is totally awesome so far! Please send more ASAP!
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