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1/4/2010 c2 You Know Who
Mazel Tov! this is a superb plot. I'll be waiting for more
1/4/2010 c2 Colorful Catastrophe
Whoa. Awesome! This is amazing-I'm seriously excited for the next chapter. I'm still not completely sure I know what Annabeth is...but Percy's dream reminded me of Harry's dream in GoF. :)
12/31/2009 c1 giggling-ninja
great story!

well written!

exactly how i imagine Percy would sound.

please update soon!

12/30/2009 c1 10F8less
I like it. I didn't notice any grammatical errors. It definitely keeps your attention, by all means continue!
12/30/2009 c1 5Shorty and KG Inc
Shorty: Ohh, this looks good!

KG: Update soon!
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