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3/3/2010 c3 Mikeb86
Keep the story going and and more humor and funny in next chs!
2/9/2010 c3 8Purplestar Leader of awesome
aw! That was the cutest story ever! AW!
1/23/2010 c2 6Skyflight Erek's Loyalty
Oh no! D: They're not going to (gasp) cancel the picnic, are they? You must update soon, or I'll die! Seriously. :D

My favorite part was, "She took his hand and the two of them ran off together to the park, with Erek comically juggling 3 soda bottles in one arm." The image of Erek and Jenny holding hands, running through the park is so adorable... and then Erek is being silly, of course. :D So awesome and cute.

I also liked, "Erek had 3 bottles of Mountain Dew and a backpack full of fireworks and matches, which would have been kind of dangerous had he not been an android." Lol. That's Erek for you, all right. :D

So, seriously, please please please update soon! :D
1/18/2010 c1 8Purplestar Leader of awesome
aw! that was so cute! Yes the Mountain Dew thing was Sky's idea. Mountain Dew is awesome!

Yes I also wish you could give us all free money ;)

Awesome story! I can't wait for the next chapter!

1/15/2010 c1 6Skyflight Erek's Loyalty
Aww, so cute! Your stories are always so adorable. :D

Erek/Jenny = Awesome. Are they just friends, or does it turn into something more? I think they'd be really cute together. In your story, I mean. Not in my story, cause they're pretending to be cousins. But in your story, awesome.

Actually, Erek's love for Mountain Dew was my idea, not Purplestar's (see My Best Friend Is An Android, Chapter One). :D She got the idea from me. But thanks for thanking me for being my awesome self. :D Glad I can make the world a better place, lol. :D

You asked for ideas, so... well, I guess just the Erek/Jenny thing if you weren't going to do it already. And my other request is for lots of cuteness, but of course a chapter written by you will be very cute. :D

Yeah, so sorry I didn't read and review this earlier. I must have missed it. D: Sorry.

Please put up the second chapter soon! :D
12/31/2009 c1 3Avatar of Wurms
Hurrah for Mountain Dew. Thanks for makin an Erek fic, he deserves more love.

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