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1/6/2010 c2 3Anneboleyn178
aw the fluffy cuteness!
1/4/2010 c2 hiddenstaer
def.not rated T :P...so cute! i loved it XD...haha was so expecting Harry to blow up! good job as usual
1/1/2010 c2 Aozora-san
Hello! I wanted to say that you write amazingly well. I noticed while I was reading your two-shot here, and I do encourage you: DON'T STOP WRITING! You have, at most, three grammatical errors in the two chapters, mainly just random letter changes. You have a good voice that shines through, and you have a plot! *grins* So many stories either have no plot or diverge from it so often I could strangle the author. Anyways. Congrats on the excellent story. XD

Dramione! My favorite! Happy 2010.

12/31/2009 c2 1EnternalFireWithin007
That was cute but i wished they would have kissed at the end.
12/31/2009 c2 1Weasley-Basher

Happy new years!

12/31/2009 c2 41KatsOnTheAirplane
A hug. Not a KISS?
12/31/2009 c2 24annasaurus-rex
That's really good :) Happy New Year! xx

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