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7/23/2010 c1 Sarcastic
Great Job! Just enough passion and fluff put together!
5/15/2010 c1 4CooWings
You know what I love? This UraYoru pairing. I always see them together, never alone without the other. And this fic! Is beautiful. I love the depictions, everything seemed so romantic. Though I think that was the whole point, seeing as this is under Romance/Humor. The Humor part you did well too, with your OC and Shinji being just crazy in general. XD

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this. Beautiful writing. I hope to read more of your fics. :D
4/26/2010 c1 hybridinsurge
First off, I love this pairing and the idea of Urahara drawing up a blueprint for a birthday cake!

Lovely descripitions of the scenes.

And the dynamic between Shinji and your OC, Yoreina, is freaking hilarious.
2/28/2010 c1 lovelyreader007
This was really awesome! So naughty, so sweet! Very Kisuke and Yoru worthy. 3
2/15/2010 c1 BitchWithFangs
Cute story

I just loving this pairing
1/30/2010 c1 109The Layman
Not bad, though it seemed a bit too Western for Bleach.
1/25/2010 c1 Urahara144
Really liked the story and glad to meet another major supporter of UraYoru ^_^

I think you captured their personalities perfectly compared to most other birthday fics I've read for them. Though I very much doubt Yoru would ever cook (too much appeal in a small room= danger).

I feel for Kisuke though, I have a few times where the kitchen ends up in the same, if not worse, state of his kitchen. Still, it was a heart-warming attempt at what he knew was impossible although if it wasn't for that side of him Yoruichi wouldn't have fallen for him as much.

Anyways, great story and I'm trying to find your other stories to read as well.
1/11/2010 c1 Xixi
Haha finally finished reading your story. i'm not very sure of the characters...haven't got the faintest idea of who's who in bleach...but the story was quite ok la. maybe you want to try something a more complex plot than just a birthday celebration...something really shows his love for her?
1/2/2010 c1 RarusuRinnu1310
Aw, i love this pairing! And you did them so well ^^

Amazing job! It was so good! and you nailed their personalities :) Poor Kisuke. My sister is exactly like him xD

Excellent fic! I can't wait to read more of your stuff!
1/1/2010 c1 yuki
it's so sweet of kisuke to attempt the dangerous job of baking a cake for yoruichi's sake.nice play of the word"birthday" :) but ahhmm,never knew that was what kisuke usually thinks when he is with yoruichi...

P.S.thanks for not going into explicit details! rate T is readable for me:)
12/31/2009 c1 30Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky
Aw, so sweet^^~

And funny! Kisuke trying to cook... poor world xD

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