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5/25/2020 c4 4NikitaJones
This story is very creative! I really do enjoy the jump rope girls, and how they struggle under the control of Freddy. And I can just envision how the girls are going to help the Losers! As for the Losers club, all of them seem to be pretty true to their characters!
It would be nice to see a bit more detail on Freddy and Pennywises first encounter, seeing as they are both very aggressive and selfish characters. I would believe it would be more of an action/argument kind of a start.

But over all, this story is worth the read! The writer was very creative in this crossover, and I really hope to see what comes next!
10/6/2017 c4 Little Liar
It could be better.
8/31/2017 c4 SASHA duck
this is awesome! i cant wait for u to write the next chapter! :D
4/3/2014 c1 27Thundarr The Barbarian
I really like your writing style. And on paper, a crossover between It & ANOES is a great idea. Only one problem with where this is going. Fred Krueger didn't get burned to death until maybe 1968 at the absolute earliest. The Losers Club defeated Pennywise in 1960 (in the movie,it was 1958 in the book). That means Fred Krueger is still in Springwood, alive and well, abducting and killing the kids of Elm Street in the waking world, in Springwood Ohio, not Derry Main.
10/3/2011 c4 1Creepy Quiet Kid
A crossover between It and Elm Street. Its like perfect.
3/6/2011 c1 Smoove
This chapter was very thrilling i like it !
4/12/2010 c4 Alex
PLEASE WRITE MORE! Don't just leave us hanging! please!
4/12/2010 c1 Alex
Wow, finally I know kinda what the dream world is like. Poor Tina, what a creep. The girls, and the random goat in the movies always weirded me out. It must be the goat's hooves and the girls singing... eww Good job though!
1/26/2010 c4 34cutterjohns
“I mentioned it to Eds... he looked at me like I was a loony.”

“You are a loony.”

“Yeah, but-“

I loved the interaction between Richie and Bev. It was cute. :3
1/19/2010 c3 cutterjohns
All of the Losers were very in-character. Bravo! :) Not only that, I like how you fleshed out the jumprope girls instead of making them mindless zombies like the movies do. XD
1/4/2010 c2 cutterjohns
Uh-oh! Hope Krueger leaves the kids alone. *gets idea* Hold on... hmm... what if Freddy attempted to turn Beverly into a jumprope girl too?
1/4/2010 c1 cutterjohns
Tina didn't seem too disturbed at all. :) I like where this is going.
1/2/2010 c1 2TheFabulousHeather
Aw, those poor girls. I've always wondered what they might have gone through, right after Freddy killed someone in their nightmares. And, if he didn't have any luck, he would become enraged, and take his anger out on the poor souls. :( I can't wait for the next chapter!

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