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5/20/2011 c4 ScarletPhantomess
Hey , I really like this fic a lot so if you could update this ... I'd luv u 4 ever & ever :D And chapter 3 made me cry I felt bad and I usualy do that at really sad parts of stories or movies .
4/7/2010 c2 00000bye00

I'm pretty sure I was reading this story the first time you posted it, and now that I'm back on ff I decided to check out the re-posting.

I have to commend you on wanting to keep the story canon..that is something I would have a hard time doing, keeping all the details straight and whatnot so kudos for that!

I have only read the first two chappies so far but I am going to keep going. I've enjoyed it so far.

the only concern I am having is keeping straight all of Lily's friends. lol, that will probably get easier as the story goes on though!

byee, JNSG
3/21/2010 c4 2Leanora
Great job!
3/9/2010 c3 Ellie49
Great story! The plot is fantastic but your writing style makes it really stand out. I think this has potential to be an excellent, long story! Please update soon :)
2/23/2010 c3 Leanora
Great story so far!

Can't wait for more!
1/4/2010 c3 4Vivian Storm
Aw, poor Vanessa. =( If I were an emotional person, I would cry, lol. But the funeral was very well written, I must say, as it did tug at my heartstrings. What a pity. *sniffles* And I liked Vanessa best too. Now, the only thing I may have an issue with was the Lily/James thing. I see you noted that they weren't together yet, which was good, but I fear that they may get together too soon. But I'm pretty sure she'll go back to hating him the next time they meet, so my worries are probably moot. But it was great otherwise! Loved it. And you didn't have to recognize me at the bottom there. xD *blushes* You shouldn't have. Update again soon! - Viv
1/3/2010 c2 Vivian Storm
Gah! I really do love it. It's hard to find a good Lily/James story, and I think I've struck gold with this one. I sincerely hope you plan on continuing this story because it's very well-written and there's actually action in it. I can't wait until there's Lily and James fluff, of course, but hopefully this story will keep up the good action and hopefully there'll be some angst (gotta love that stuff... at least, I do). Please update soon! - Viv
1/2/2010 c2 5jacks-peapod
I thought about giving it a try. It were nice two chapters. I hope the next are getting more interesting than the last one.

Don't get me wrong, you did a good job, but it's nothing NEW about this.

Anyway, I'm here for the next chapter!

Hug, jacky

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