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4/21/2010 c2 7jin.toshikazu
kamusta, alex? ^_^ this is a fine piece of writing indeed. tezuka kunimitsu is my favorite Prince of Tennis character and i enjoyed this story much.

i laud you for keeping tezuka and the rest of the Prince of Tennis band in character, and more so for making lisa mitchell a real character. i find creating and working with OC's difficult, but the realistic quality with which you portray lisa and her encounters with tezuka make her seamlessly believable and effectively endearing. personally i would have preferred more detailed narrations and descriptions, but your short and simple style works well nonetheless.

My favorite line is Lisa's "Because I love the paino. I love its sound. I love making music". I play the piano myslef and Lisa's words sum up how i feel about it. Unlike Lisa, however, I'm not that good at it and I don't think I'll be playing it in a concert anywhere anytime soon.

i look forward to reading more of your works - including the long one you are to write sometime this year. Ah, a little pain in the neck called 199?

ja, mata ne. ^_^
3/26/2010 c2 sh4dee
Ohh... you added another chapter! I read the first chapter last time and thought it was the end. What a pleasant surprise to find you added some more!

Quite a nice story... simple and effective. Great read =)
3/21/2010 c2 8season's call
So short, yet so good ! I'm falling in love with your writing( read your story BTG on LCD).

It sure feels good to write stories on charecters like Tezuka, who spills so little of his mind through his mouth(who Knows how so many things he had hidden in head, such a waste for such a pretty face!).

Anyways, thanx for making Tezu fall in love( also, a very cheesy, young romatic one).

Hope you write more on him.
1/5/2010 c2 12fanfatic08
cute. is that the right description? i don't know, and i, apparently, don't care. haha.

it's nice... and interesting. i guess i was just not expecting to have to read about more than one OC but still it worked.

great job!

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