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8/22/2011 c1 ReadingAnime
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That was sooooo cute, I freaked out.
3/9/2010 c1 6IPreferLemonPie
Aw! This is my fave second fic of Naruto You've ever written! I loved it! I don't know why but I love sad fics a little too much. My friends say that I'm masochist because I like to feel pain and suffer, mostly emotionally. Because wounds hurt a little too much... hehe. Well, love your fic it was damn CUTE! I LOVE IT! It was really awesome.
1/8/2010 c1 2rezmutt
oh this is cute. and i love sasuke's dry humor. it's too funny!
1/5/2010 c1 7JeLLy.N.Co
hey, i really liked this fic

short and sweet =)good job

1/3/2010 c1 els1324
Haha, aw! How sweet! 3
1/3/2010 c1 40WinterVines
That was very short and sweet. I like them that way most of the time. :) -WV
1/2/2010 c1 Twisted Musalih
I like it!
1/2/2010 c1 1SparkDazzleDuez
very nice. i enjoyed reading it.

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