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10/28/2015 c1 Mary Lou
Well, here I am again. This must be about the fourth time that I have read this story. Every few months, I reread this story. I like it so much because it is different from the regular type of Emergency story, and also because it is so well-written. You have done a fine job of keeping everyone in character.
3/30/2015 c9 Guest
this story was great, couldn't get enough of it, read it more then once and truley enjoyed thanks a million
3/16/2015 c9 1dukesofhazzardchick7993
10/15/2014 c9 Icecat62
A very entertaining read. Nicely written.
10/11/2013 c9 Mary Lou
This was one story that I hated to see end. I enjoyed it very much.
10/11/2013 c8 Mary Lou
I love the easy going relationship that Kel and Johnny have. Kel knew that he could wake Johnny up from his nap, but that he couldn't bother Joe or Dixie. I also enjoy the dialogue between Johnny and Kel. Good job!
10/11/2013 c7 Mary Lou
This was a very sweet chapter. Kel realizes that he is part of the Station 51 "family." Johnny is certainly great with the kids.
10/11/2013 c6 Mary Lou
It is interesting who Kel seeks out for comfort. It was a good thing for him to ride along with the paramedics. It gave him a first hand look at what the paramedics go through.
10/10/2013 c5 Mary Lou
Well, well, well. So Brackett and Gage are starting their own little bet. I am surprised that people haven't made bets that they were a romantic couple. It would not be hard to imagine actually. They just went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant that also had live music. Hmmm.
10/10/2013 c4 Mary Lou
You did a great job of describing the trip to the tar pits. I felt almost as if I had been there. I loved how Johnny just hoisted Jenny up onto his hip like he had been doing it for years. He is really good with the kids. It seems as if Kel had a good time also.
10/10/2013 c3 Mary Lou
I love that Brackett is going with the others to the tar pits. It was funny to see him feeling challenged by the kids having experienced more cultural events than he had. It is looking like there are some silver linings to the dark clouds that hung over Kel when his condo burned down. He is experiencing new things and with people that he would never considered doing so with, such as Johnny and the kids.
10/10/2013 c2 Mary Lou
It seems as if Kel is getting more from staying with Johnny than just a roof over his head. He is learning that it is okay to show emotions and not always have to be strong. He is also finding out that there is more to John Gage than meets the eye. I hope that Kel wins the bet.
10/10/2013 c1 Mary Lou
Two of the best looking guys in one place. A dream come true! It is good that Johnny is helping Kel out. It looks as if Kel has gotten an idea to make a little money on a bet, if he can convince Johnny to play along. By the way, this is very nicely written.
7/12/2011 c1 1ASHLEYEMMA25
do you know were the storie Displaced is i would like to read it too
6/23/2011 c9 Alana Carol
like so many of the others really enjoyed the friendship that has grown not only johnny and Kel but Kel and all of 51 except Chet. Glad Marco is not as eager to follow in chet's footsteps...I have to admit I did find the way Joe and Dixie were behaving horrible. Dixie is usually oneof the first to defend Johnny against the jokes and mean teasing.Was she and Joe a little jealouse of Kel's friendship with John? Or still having their feelings hurt becasue John was the one helping Kel instead of them?
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