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5/15/2013 c5 rebeccab.0206
Pleade update! No authors seem to be finishing Quinn and Sookie stories anymore :(
4/26/2013 c5 Heather
I like! Im one that loves Eric but I think Quinn is sexy and got a bad rap in the books. Hope you continue (quickly!)...lol
10/3/2012 c5 Amie01
You haven't updated in ages! :( Please add more chapters soon :)
8/7/2011 c5 radix
5/4/2011 c5 EricJacobLover
I can't wait for the good stuff. Eric will fight breaking the bond.
4/28/2011 c5 5StillAMinx
A really promising start to this story - interested to see where it goes next... although having it listed as a S/Q seems to be a big spoiler ;) Can't say I mind though, there are sooo many S/E stories already, there's not much room to do anything new there IMO.

If you're still looking for a beta, send me a PM. I know that feeling of reading a chapter 10+ times, trying to find any little error before posting it, all too well!
4/28/2011 c5 knightshadow31
Great start on this story. I can't wait to read more:)
3/10/2011 c3 Christy5335
I hope you decide to finish this story. Really good so far.
12/9/2010 c4 EricJacobLover
Love this story, you should revisit it. I stumbled upon it
8/20/2010 c4 A
Totally past March & nothing =( So wanna see where this story goes =) Miss reading what you have to write
6/24/2010 c4 kpkisses
such a good story!
6/15/2010 c4 2AmberNiK
I love your story so far and am looking forward to reading more when you have time to post. I know how busy life can get, but I hope you get some time to write soon.
5/30/2010 c4 5StillAMinx
Really promising start, hope there's more soon!
5/24/2010 c4 meyou744
as much as i love both Quinn and Eric i think Eric does love her and he show it the only way he knows how so give him a chance please
5/18/2010 c4 tried to delete
i really like this story so far, can't wait to see how it goes from here.
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