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for Fear

8/5/2017 c7 1Munkeyfump20
Oh so sweet and sad also my late husband had stomach cancer he was in remission for 7 years but it was not the cancer that killed him but an insulin over dose. Thanks again for a very good read.
6/20/2015 c7 16twogloriousfools
I have mixed feelings about this and I hope you don't mind me saying so... I'm not a big fan of the cancer arc, but I like how you used it and when you wrote smth like "you can't get revenge on cancer". And although this quote and theme could have made Lisbon seem like a simple mean to an end for Jane and not focus on her and her fight enough, you avoided that mistake, thank God. It was a clever idea to throw that into their relationship, I don't think I had ever thought of this possibility.
Anyway, the plotline made me a bit uncomfortable and I was convinced Lisbon wouldn't make it (I didn't read the author's notes to avoid spoilers), but the writing itself and your depiction of their emotions was great and as in character as such an AU version of them could be and I liked the epilogue. Overall, great job! :)
2/8/2013 c7 3China-kouran
Aww I loved it really great story. :)
2/8/2013 c5 China-kouran
Aww heartbreaking.
3/14/2012 c7 bookish327
You did a wonderful job with the idea that such a life-changing event as her having cancer would make them get past the bickering and banter and become partners, first in her recovery, and then in their new life together. The way that you wrote it seemed perfectly in character. Great job, as usual! :-)
2/16/2011 c7 MeltedChoccoButton
A beautiful, delicately written story. Thanx.
8/19/2010 c7 Guest
The end of the previous chapter had me in tears worrying that Lisbon wouldn't make it. My dad had cancer as well, and it made me think of that. Thankfully he's been in remission for 13 years. The day of a successful bone marrow transplant is called a second birthday.

I'm so glad of this happy ending.
2/5/2010 c7 simonisthecutestmentalist
scary, sad, and a happy ending ( thank goodness) you got skills! :0)
1/11/2010 c7 starsallseemtoweep
Thanks for not letting cancer win in this one! Great story! Sorry I'm not a very good reviewer...just a reader!
1/11/2010 c7 122starbuckfaerie21
This was beautiful done! Especially the previous chapter! The natural progression of Jane and Lisbon's relationship was spot on! If only that would happen on the show...minus the cancer...Anyway loved it!
1/10/2010 c7 6MissNitaGirl
yay i LOVE happy endings

so sweet i could feel the

love through my computer

thanx for writing

1/10/2010 c7 32Divinia Serit
I LOVE this epilogue and I bow to your awesomeness once more. I'm so glad it had a happy ending, and I love where the team's at in it. It's nice to see all the relationship changes. Sigh. Best story ever. And it still makes me cry!
1/10/2010 c6 Divinia Serit
I absolutely love the moment when she realizes he gave up on RJ for her. *sobs* It always gets me when she talks about being normal, and he's always with her. Good lord, girl. This is amazing, and I'm sorry I didn't have time to review earlier! You've portrayed everything with such careful detail as always. HUGS
1/10/2010 c5 Divinia Serit
I bow to your awesomeness. Seriously, stories like this are the reason why we voted you best author in last year's Jellies! Wow.

[He wondered how he could have stopped himself from loving the woman in his arms.

Because it just seemed so cruel to break through his isolation—to disturb his loneliness and self-torture—with the false promise of love and happiness when it seemed that the only things that lay ahead were more pain and loss.

Much as he couldn’t, didn’t want to go through that again, he found that he couldn’t help himself.]

That is such a beautiful part. I love how you describe everything and it's all so real.
1/10/2010 c4 Divinia Serit
I had to wait to finish this because it made me cry when I read it on JF. But now, I'm home alone so I can cry my little heart out. I have to say that I honestly never expected this as a twist. It was a lovely turn of events and you portrayed it absolutely beautifully. *sniff*
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