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for Fear

1/7/2010 c4 6MissNitaGirl
well that new

congratz on the orignal idea

i never would have seen that

comming not in a million years

hope u update soon xoxo
1/6/2010 c4 misanfaery
I do very much like this. The feelings are really well 'written'. Ah. Jane is so cute when he's all confused and trying to figure things out, and yay for Lisbon giving him a chance. I'm looking forward to more. :]

1/6/2010 c1 8MJ2387
I like it very much
1/6/2010 c4 MJ2387
I like the way you managed the story, focusing as you say in the characters feelings
1/6/2010 c4 Mabeline36
I think the way you're writing this fiction, especially this part is great hun, you're dealing with it sensitively. I'm really enjoying it
1/6/2010 c4 11House Calls

This is just lovely and sad and poignant and just totally, amazingly well-written. Again, you're spot-on with the characterizations and the scene setups are very well done.

Looking forward to more! And send me a PM if you'd like some help on the cancer-end of things as my husband went through surgery and chemo in '08.
1/6/2010 c4 161tromana
Okay, when this popped up in my inbox, I totally had an excited moment on MSN with twin.

Ugh, I do so love this. I prefer it the way you've written - focussing on the emotions rather than the details of the disease.

[“If it’s enough to push you, Patrick Jane, into silence, then it must be pretty bad.”]

I love that her wry sense of humour still comes through, even when she knows she's about to receive bad news.
1/6/2010 c3 32Divinia Serit
I love complications! They make everything so...interesting! mwahahahahahaha, great job girl! I love how you're pulling everything together in your awesome way!
1/6/2010 c2 Divinia Serit
Ah, I love how you expanded the situation. It was a great idea to have Lisbon get hurt in the safety of the CBI instead of on a case. Plus, I loved how you portrayed the aftermath. Jane's feelings and thoughts were beautifully written (as always).
1/6/2010 c1 Divinia Serit
It's so much fun to reread your stories! I love how you started this one. I could feel Jane's apprehension over waiting on news for Lisbon. I don't think I've told you how much I love you. I love you. You are awesome! :D
1/5/2010 c3 122starbuckfaerie21
Good stuff! Can't wait for more!
1/5/2010 c3 76phoenixmagic1
Please tell me Lisbon survives? and that the complications aren't too bad! Great job :)
1/5/2010 c3 misanfaery
I really like this so far. You're writing very very well. I feel like I'm Jane watching all this.

1/5/2010 c3 9Smudje
What kind of complications? That's mean ;-) Can't wait for the next chapter.
1/5/2010 c3 MentalistLover
OK, you have to come back right now and tell us what these "complications" are. Right now. I'll be waiting...

(And I am glad Jane sees the team as his family now)
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