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12/12/2016 c3 youki minaco
Hello . It will be good to see the sequel to this story. (Additional chapter to save Fuji and his eternal love .). Note if there allowed me to: personal name to Fuji, and as well as his cousin, made up of four audio clips by Japanese pronunciation. The "Angel of Death" for a recipe Aanthal relatives to take the spirit of his victim, and in this form of aggressive, as if Fuji is the worst creature in the universe, this is really weird ! .. That's it . Receptive traffic, and I remember that I will be happy to read something from Tefu own words.
7/26/2012 c3 4THiaLieN

This story makes me feel bad (in a good way), since it has this eerie feeling... Sigh. I don't know how to explain. You succeed in making me feel depressed.

This is great, wonderful, creepy, and heartbreaking.

Thanks for writing this.
(Adding this to fave) :)
10/18/2011 c3 26Cherried Ice
epic story :D this is giving me ideas for my english paper thats due in 2 weeks XD
3/21/2010 c3 8season's call
Wow, that was unpredictable.You're right, who could see see this coming? Tezuka really is so complex to read, Fuji sure is the best choice for him.

I never liked yoai stories before, this is the first one( becoz it contains yaoi,in a different style).

Hats off to you!
1/8/2010 c3 zenbon zakura

i saw it comming!

no fuiji gona get hit by a car! how cruel? suddenly he doges the car by jumping over it!
1/8/2010 c3 masi
I just knew that the 7 letter name was Fuji's! But dang... so probably, that was what the death card means...

And there were lots of chest twisting effect on the last chap, it was a nice read. :)

Thanks and write more fics!^^
1/7/2010 c3 MoonLuna2009
Precious story... but SO SAD! :(

It can't be the end of the story...


So, this false Ayamiko has killed Fuji? :O

In the street, and in front of Tezuka?

I can't imagine what Tezuka could felt when he saw his Shusuke pushed towards the traffic...

Buy the way... who is this false Ayamiko? Why does she want to kill Fuji?

I can't believe Fuji is dead!

Please... don't tell me that!

I'm crying... snif snif snif... :(

But I have to say that this is a great fic.

You are a very talented writer!


Best regards,


(sorry for my poor english...)
1/7/2010 c3 No.13
That is a very nicely written fic you posted there and I enjoyed reading very much. Your idea is unique and it works well - and you have a wonderful way at hinting at the feelings Tezuka has for Fuji in return.

Thank you very much for sharing such a rare gem ^_^
1/7/2010 c3 5BleuFleur
Ah, surprising ending! I figured it was Fuji that Tezuka had spelled out in the cards, but I wasn't expecting Fuji's life to be the one in danger. Thanks for sharing!
1/4/2010 c2 zenbon zakura

1/3/2010 c2 masi
oh... it's intriguing... pls. continue!
1/3/2010 c2 MoonLuna2009

What an exiting and thrilling story!

I'm so nervous!

Yes, please, upload the next chapter soon, please!

Congratulations for writing such a great fic!

Best regards,

1/3/2010 c1 masi
Please continue. I want to know the conclusion.XD

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