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12/30/2021 c13 Marie Amelie B
This was a really fun read! It’d be a real bummer if it just ended here. I would love to read more tormenting of the arrogant Viking and how cool would it be for her to meet Godric?!
6/23/2021 c12 3Carl Marx
Great story , sorry you never got to complete it , thanks for the good read.
7/27/2020 c13 Guest
Really great story. Any hope of finishing it?
1/16/2020 c4 alj797
Quite brilliant.
11/28/2019 c13 Lbot1979
This is super good. I hope you get the writing but again or a must visit so this is one day finished. I really like strong Sookie stories. This has a great plot, it's imaginative. Really just a great piece of work. So, I would love to read more of this if you are still interested in writing FF that is.
5/23/2019 c13 Guest
I just discovered this. It’s a shame it might not be finished.

Eric has met his match. This is a fun story.
5/10/2019 c13 Melanie Furmston
Absolutely loved this story and the intellectual know how of Sookie. I hate her when she is a sook and the a typical dumb blonde. Loving the different side of Eric too. Hoping you will find time to finish this story one day. Thank you for the laughs and intrigue so far.
8/15/2017 c13 georgiasuzy
Advantage Sookie: successful termination of previous agreement due to Eric's physical abuse; successful new agreement; Niall; wings; escape. I love how things have improved! I look forward to Real Life giving you a chance to come back to this story. It's so unique!
8/15/2017 c11 georgiasuzy
I'm heartened because "his stomach twisted tighter than before and his chest ached" because of the burns to Sookie's wrists. He'd better get used to having feelings. And she scores again!
8/15/2017 c10 georgiasuzy
Eric was smart to figure out she can't leave once negotiations have opened until negotiations are concluded. OMG he punched her again! And rechained her! Douche
8/15/2017 c9 georgiasuzy
Eep, she doesn't know about scenting. I'm glad the electrical hand-shake agreement they made the previous night prevented him from giving her blood!
8/15/2017 c8 georgiasuzy
Unexpected citrus; I kinda like the idea of a non-Bill-or-Quinn romantic rival. It's so unfair that everyone desires Eric and he doesn't have to worry about any other guy being hotter or more desirable than him!
8/15/2017 c7 georgiasuzy
That was a fun and funny chapter. I like that Eric is feeling somewhat protective of her now. I can't wait to see what happens next!
8/15/2017 c6 georgiasuzy
Hahaha Bill! He's going to have some VERY bad news for the queen.
8/15/2017 c5 georgiasuzy
I totally hope he does get to share her PMS symptoms! I love how clever Sookie is, and I hope Eric comes to value her for herself instead of a bloodbag asset
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