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for Reunited A Love Story Evolved

4/17/2010 c14 2lil20
poor charlie,i wonder who did it?
4/11/2010 c14 jsco81
Shocking - that was a quick and sudden surprise :)
3/3/2010 c13 lil20
it wont cheesy,at least he's gone now too
2/28/2010 c12 3AJ-1978
Lovely, happy chapter!
2/28/2010 c12 jsco81
Lovely chapter :)
2/28/2010 c12 ausgirl87
Great chapter once again. Glad that Charlie, Joey and Ruby can enjoy themselves without the drama involved. Looking forward to reading more. PMS
2/27/2010 c11 AJ-1978
I spoke too soon about Angelo didn't I!

Let's hope he has gone for good now!

Loved the way they're so sure about each other & about their relationship in front Angelo though.
2/26/2010 c11 jsco81
I hope Angelo goes, but I bet there is still more to come from him :)
2/26/2010 c11 ausgirl87
Just finish reading the past 11 chapters and just to let you know, I have enjoyed reading your story. I loved every bit of it and keep up with the awesome writing. Looking forward to reading the next chapter. PMS
2/24/2010 c10 AJ-1978
Hooray, you got rid of Angelo!

What a relief for CJ! (And me!).
2/24/2010 c9 AJ-1978
Lovely! How romantic of Charlie...who'd have thought!
2/24/2010 c10 2lil20
dumdumdum! oh no am senseing more drama to come- which is great
2/24/2010 c10 jsco81
Good news in the end... but is it! Will ANgelo cause trouble? iwait wiht baited breath :)
2/3/2010 c9 jsco81
Very sweet
2/2/2010 c8 3AJ-1978
Very cute chapter.

But...I don't like the sound of "what's around the corner".. don't tease us too long before you let us know!
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