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for Gamblin' Man: The Luxord Chronicles

2/26/2011 c10 X-INACTIVE


That was really good!

The style was amazing and the fluidity of the writing felt great as well!

9/20/2010 c7 7procrastinating artist
10/10/10 is offical lose the game day! (yeah, i just lost.) you can check it out on losethegame(.)com!

i really do like all of these one-shots and can't wait to read more! you really get luxord's character!
4/16/2010 c4 2Xll333
It was great, and I liked it a lot. Luxord is and has always been my favorite character from the Organization, and I hope that you continue writing about him.
1/26/2010 c3 Xll333
I thought the idea of the whole Luxord "team event" idea wonderful and greatly enjoyed reading your story. I hope you know you had the pleasure of making me laugh. Im glad you brought some of Luxord's stories about, because he is my favorite character in the Kingdom Hearts Series.
1/6/2010 c2 16AKApolarbear
You know the weird thing? As soon as Lurod thought, 'I'm not a vampire then?', "Lament of Innocence" from the "Castlevania: Lament of Innocence" soundtrack started playing. I just found that really creepy.

Anyway, it's good to find someone who actually apprieciates Luxord! I always like his character, and was disappoint when he didn't get too much development. Great story!

-Org13 out-
1/6/2010 c2 5Mr. Martin
You used my idea!

I like it. I'm pretty sure Lurod isn't Luxord's Other's name, but we may never know for sure.

I loved how you got a little bit of the lyrics in there.

Luxord was always my favorite organization member.
1/5/2010 c1 Mr. Martin
I have an idea for a story in this collection it's based off a song that starts "Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste..."

Great story, SO very Luxord.

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