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for Mine Is A Four Letter Word

2/3/2012 c13 Adieu FanFic xxx
Worth it!
2/3/2012 c12 Adieu FanFic xxx
2/3/2012 c11 Adieu FanFic xxx
2/3/2012 c10 Adieu FanFic xxx
The greatest tribute you can pay as a fanfic author is to know the true nature of the characters and honour that in your story telling. I applaud your truthfulness and veracity and skill. I do not feel in any manner disappointed with your characterisations. In fact, I feel uplifted.
2/3/2012 c9 Adieu FanFic xxx
Uh oh.
2/3/2012 c8 Adieu FanFic xxx
2/3/2012 c7 Adieu FanFic xxx
Dum dum DA! *loves it*
2/3/2012 c6 Adieu FanFic xxx
! :-)
2/3/2012 c5 Adieu FanFic xxx
Yummy! Seductive and intelligently written and just sooooo good!
2/3/2012 c4 Adieu FanFic xxx
*sighs in happiness* Sooooooo good.
2/3/2012 c3 Adieu FanFic xxx
Gosh this is good :-)
2/3/2012 c2 Adieu FanFic xxx
:-) ! ! ! :-)
2/3/2012 c1 Adieu FanFic xxx
Soooooo good! :-) :-) :-)
2/2/2012 c2 shellsFANtasea
This is the best twist in plot i've ever read in a Sookie/Eric story - especially with the prologue - I'm really stoked to continue with the story!
1/11/2012 c41 ceba
Just want to thabk you for your wonderful fics, i've now read all of Mine, plus Don't and Sookie the Vampire Slayer. I'm very impressed by the quality of your writing, and delighted to find a fellow Eliz Peters fan - as soon as you talked of sobriquets and well-formed lips, i knew the influence was there!

I'll be trying your Peabody fics shortly, but need more S/E first.

thanks again,

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