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for Mine Is A Four Letter Word

10/28/2014 c4 Shantigal
Omgoodness I wish I had vamp speed reading! I can't wait to read it all :-)
10/28/2014 c3 Shantigal
Hope she's clever enough to reside Bills invitation, he's a controlling monster.
9/20/2014 c41 Fanficescape
Grammatically, there were several times you used the pronoun "she" when "her" was called for, usually when describing a possession of Sookie's and Eric's. ie.: She and Eric's bed.
Besides that, I thoroughly enjoyed your story and writing style. Even without lemons, your story kept me wanting to read more. Thank you for sharing!
8/8/2014 c41 Blooddonor67
Fantastic enjoyable story, with plenty of twist & turns. Excellent.
8/8/2014 c41 Guest
A very enjoyable story, with plenty of twists and turns along the way.
6/2/2014 c1 2jewelpearl
I just re-read this story; it's so good and imaginative. Well done, again...
5/29/2014 c41 tleel
I really enjoyed your story.
5/10/2014 c41 pnwer
This was a wonderful story!
4/26/2014 c41 KatieMarrie
Was an okay read.
4/20/2014 c1 gruen
This had a lot of twists and I couldn't stop reading.
3/10/2014 c41 JoxX
Brilliant story absolutely loved it! Loved all your new characters and the Norse mythology skillfully woven in too

2/14/2014 c41 1jules3677
Found this gem of a story while searching for another. What a delight! Liked your original characters, especially Henrik. Sookie having both him & Eric certainly gave the story a different feel ... which was pleasant to read. Impressed with setting the story mainly in Sweden. This too gave a different colour to the love stories underpinning the plot. I cheered in all the right places, I hope. Alternately, I hissed & booed at all the people seeking to harm Sookie & Eric. Even though Godric wasn't a major character in your story, it is pleasing to know he isn't forgotten. Thankyou for the wonderful story.
1/17/2014 c21 Guest
How is it that she is so educated but failed to understand the enormity of Eric's act. She just placed him (all of them really) in danger. It goes back to Eric's question, how much would she fight for him? seems like it's Eric doing all the fighting.
1/17/2014 c18 Guest
I feel like there's this unequal power between Sookie and Eric. Eric seems to change himself for Sookie like not saying "mine" about her when its in his nature and Sookie doesn't seem to try to explain to him what the problem is. She also seems really promiscuous just sleeping around a bit. I'm really loving your story telling though, your writing is really good and is maybe the first well written piece of Sookie Stackhouse fanfiction I've read.
1/15/2014 c41 vangrrl
What a beautiful story you have written! Thank you for all your work on this ... :)
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